Spring has finally arrived!  
This means fresh beginnings, so why not freshen up our kitchens with some bright, colorful items.  I am excited to be hosting this Colorful Spring Giveaway.  

These colorful items will make working in our kitchens a little more fun.  The winner will receive the following items.  


A Colorful Spring Giveaway to brighten your kitchen and get ready for Spring.

First up is this KitchenAid hand mixer in Apple Green.


A cute and colorful collection of kitchen items for this spring giveaway.

Next, this set of Cuisinart Knives.  

A cute and colorful collection of kitchen items for this spring giveaway.

Finally… this set of KitchenAid mixing bowls.

A cute and colorful collection of kitchen items for this spring giveaway.

I have these and they are wonderful! 

They come in a variety of sizes.  There are mixing bowls, prep bowls with lids, and a set of measuring spoons. 

A cute and colorful collection of kitchen items for this spring giveaway.

They have the rubberized bottoms so they do not slip on your 
counter tops.    

To be entered for a chance to win in this Colorful Spring Giveaway …simply leave a comment on this post  and tell me which product is your favorite.  

Drawing will be on April 25 at 8pm EST.
The drawing will be done by an outside party.

The winner will be notified by email. 

Good Luck!         

This contest has ended.  Congratulations to Kelli that was the winner of this Giveaway.  Hope you enjoy the prizes.



  1. I love the green hand mixer. I wish to have one in my kitchen. If I win this in the giveaway then it would be too awesome.

    1. Good luck. I had to break down & buy a new hand mixer last year. You just have to have one sometimes instead of the big stand mixer.

    1. They stack together well in the cabinet, have such a variety of sizes and are really pretty. Good Luck. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I just love those mixing bowls. How is it I’ve never seen them before?! I have a lot of glass ones and I’m just too clumsy for them. I feel like I’m tempting fate every time I bake! Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

    1. I bought a set a few months ago and didn’t even open them for a while. After I did, I thought..why did I wait so long. You will put a set to good use for sure! Good luck

    1. I agree. I would love to have one in every color. I have a blue one. Good luck today! Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. I can always use additional mixing bowls. Since I have a hand mixer that is in good working order I would donate the mixer to a non-profit or you can give it away.

    1. I love the bowls. I had them a few months before I even opened them. Wish I had them back during holiday baking. Good Luck.

  4. Such a wonderful array of baking helps! love the green hand mixer. I have a stand mixer but I miss the versatility of a hand mixer when making whip cream or puddings and cake batters. I made a big move from the east coast to Colorado so that I could live closer to my children and grandchildren and I had to toss my hand mixer to save space and this would be a fantastic replacement!

    1. I agree, they are so handy to have sometimes instead of getting the stand mixer dirty. I’m sorry that the giveaway had already ended. I hope to do another one soon.

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