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If you have grandchildren (or children) chances are they are involved in different sports, many of which involve fundraisers. My husband and I have 8 grown children and 13 grandchildren so we have been involved in a lot of fundraising!

When I am asked to donate something for fundraisers, I go through my list of foods that have been the most popular. I like to send things other than hot dogs, pizza, or nachos.

One easy recipe is sugar cookies that have been cut out with alphabet cookie cutters, then decorated with their team colors. I add them to cookie bags and tie with team color ribbons.   My recipe for Decorated Sugar Cookies


Another fun treat is Pepperoni Rolls.  I think they may be a food common in WV but not some other states.  We always make them for parties, tailgates, race weekends, camping, and any sports event.  My children knew how to make them when they went to college and their friends always wanted them.   When my son  moved to Denver, Co the people he met were not familiar with them so now he has them hooked!   

fundraisres, pepperoni rolls  Continue reading FUNDRAISERS…UNIQUE FOODS TO DONATE


This honey pecan rotisserie chicken salad is quick, easy and delicious.  I also want to show you  7 different ways that I serve it.

chicken salad, honey, pecan, rotissere chickenOne of my favorite go to recipes is the one I have for chicken salad.  I have been making this one for about 20 years and am anxious to share it with you.  I think chicken salad is so refreshing and with warmer weather coming, I am ready to make it almost weekly. Continue reading HONEY PECAN ROTISSERE CHICKEN SALAD


As we get older so many couples decide to “Downsize” their homes.  I was thinking that another area we seem to “Downsize” in is our cooking and baking.

So many life changing events cause this to happen.  Our children grow up and leave home, we lose a spouse, there could be health issues that cause physical or dietary limitations, or there may even be financial changes that mean the food budget is reduced. These are reasons that lead to the need for downsized cooking/baking.

The first ten years of our marriage, my husband and I were raising 7 children so I always cooked big meals and baked a lot.  Over the years, as we became the empty nesters it has been hard for me to downsize our meals.  I am making progress on this and having a lot less food to throw out each day.   I still love when I can cook big for our family get-togethers.

I am going to be adding a weekly feature to my blog on “Downsized Cooking/Baking”.  Each Thursday I am going to do a blog post with shopping tips, meal planning, ideas, and recipes dedicated to cooking for 1 or 2.  Hopefully, this will help me to make the adjustment also.  I am looking forward to getting ideas from others who have been in this situation and have it mastered.

In 2006 I started entering recipe contests and one that was always a challenge to me was  “Taste of Home’s Cooking For 2”.   It was so hard for me to create recipes on such a small scale.   In 2007, I won the Grand Prize of $500 in one of their Mini Cake Contests.  I remember that every day for one week after I got home from work, I baked a cake testing the recipe I had created.  After making 7 cakes that did not seem perfect, I just entered my best recipe.   I thought it tasted good but I just could not get the size scaled down.  I was quite shocked that my entry won.  The cake recipe was Coconut Cream Dream Cake. coconut cake, pudding cake

This is a picture from the Cooking for 2 magazine.