If your grandchildren are younger, chances are you get to spend some extra time with them.  Once they start school and activities, their free time is very limited.   This is the first summer I have not worked in 42 years, since I am now retired, so I am hoping for some extra time with my grandchildren.    I have some ideas of what I would like for us to do this summer.

START A  BOOK CLUB:   Reading is an important activity they need to continue when out of school.  I think it would be a fun idea to start a book club with them.  They have access to books at the local library, on their kindles, or computers  (Modern Technology)!  We will get together weekly or as their sports schedules permit.  This time will allow us to discuss the books, have some snacks, and promote together time.

I will read a book to the younger children.  We can act out the story  while we talk about it. Snacks and a little playtime will definitely be in order with them.

COOKING LESSONS:   All of my grandchildren love to be creative in the kitchen.  The recipes we make will be age appropriate and I can throw in some advice on food safety.  I hope they will always  have good memories of this time together as I did with my mother.

OLD FASHIONED PICNIC:   Pack a picnic basket and head off to a local park.  Enjoy taking a walk and some playtime. I think the best part of the day will be to spread out the red & white checkered tablecloth to eat on, and then lay on the ground and look up at the clouds. I remember doing that with my brothers and sister when we were children.

OLD FASHIONED TEA PARTY:   I think this would be so much fun to do with the girls.  I will have them to dress up in hats and costume jewelry.  I will serve finger sandwiches, mini desserts and of course tea.  Some of them have already told me that they do not like tea so I will need to have other drinks.

DO A COMMUNITY PROJECT:   We can discuss a need we would like to help with and develop ideas on how to do this.  I think one idea would be to have a bake sale/garage sale and donate the money to our cause.  We may want to visit a nursing home and hopefully cheer up some  people that are lonely.  Other ideas may  be to do a babysitting clinic, fix a meal and deliver to a needy family, or clean up a yard for someone physically unable to do it.

This is my list of things I hope to do…will let you know how the summer progressed.



  1. What great ideas for summer activities with the Grands. We only get a week with ours–neither set of Grands live in the same city as we do–but I like going into that week with lots of ideas of things to do.

    1. I bet that is hard…2 sets of ours live away. The ones in NC I can see about every other month but the Denver,CO ones are about once a year. I Will like when they are ready to stay a week like that.

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