gingerbread house, christmas, blennerhassett hotelLast week I had a free morning so I went to a display of gingerbread houses at a hotel in our town.  This is just another one of those things I was never able to do while I was working.

It is  the same beautiful, historic hotel that I wrote about in The Festival of Christmas Trees post.  This was the 3rd annual gingerbread house contest.  

Here are some of the gorgeous creations on display.  I cannot begin to imagine the hours of work put into each of these.gingerbread house, christmasdisplay of gingerbread housesgingerbread house, christmasgingerbread houses, christmasdisplay of gingerbread housesgingerbread houses, christmasdisplay of the gingerbreadhouses
As I was starting out the door to leave I saw several ladies coming in.  They were all wearing a Tiara!!!  They were talking, laughing, and apparently meeting for a special luncheon.  I did not want to interrupt them, but I did ask some of the ladies if I could take their picture.gingerbread houses, christmas, blennerhassett hotel
I felt so happy when I left the hotel.  I was smiling as I got into my car and headed out to do errands.  It felt good to see Christmas cheer and happiness among the terrible things we see daily on the news.


  1. How cool! I am going to have to show these to Amara. We watched a special on the cooking channel the other day. They were creating 2 life size gingerbread houses! Best show ever and I wish we could have gone and seen them in person! You were lucky to get to go see those. They are amazing!

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