How to Find Contests

There are many recipe/cooking contest out there to enter with lots of great prizes.   When I first started this hobby, I did not know how to find them.  I typed cooking/recipe contests into my internet and did get a lot of contests.  It was a lot of work to sort through them. 

There are contests sponsored by different magazines you may run across.  You will also see some on television, hear of some on radio, and  may hear of local ones in your newspaper.  I have also been able to find ones on blogs that I follow.

Some contests are a one time thing but many are repeated yearly or monthly and once you start entering these you will be able to anticipate upcoming ones.

The BEST way to find the contests are  by using the following sites.

Contest Cook  is a free site on line that lists different contests,along with the deadlines and rules.  I actually started by using this site. 

Cooking Contest Central is the one that you will get the most from.  To quote their site “The internet’s premier web site dedicated to competitive cooking and recipe contests”.  From my experience,this is very true.  They list contests along with deadlines and rules, have a very helpful forum, a Blog, and a Hall of Fame  made up of many cooks who know how to win and give helpful advise.   This site has a membership fee of $25 a year but is worth every penny!    Many members of this site have been Pillsbury Finalists with several million dollar winners!!!





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