This year my North Carolina family was able to come to our house for a few days over Thanksgiving.   My husband came home from his deer camp for the day.  We had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner  followed by a lot of activities.

The weather was very nice so I took the opportunity to do some outside Christmas decorating on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  The boys (age 3 and 6) wanted to help me.  We needed to take down the fall decorations first so that kept them busy for a while.  The 3 year old wanted to get it done quickly, so he decided that he could do it by himself.thanksgiving, fall decorationsfall decorations, thanksgivingfall decorations, thanksgiving
 Whoops!!! They were a little heavy.
They rolled the pumpkins down the hill in our side yard and carried  the fodder stocks and dead mums to the woods. fall decorations, thanksgivingthanksgiving-fun-with-the-family
After this was completed we worked on stringing some lights in the bushes.  The 3 year old said “Gwamma I can do this by myself”.  christmas decorating, thanksgiving
I may need to put up some warning signs before anyone tries to walk on my sidewalk! 
The 6 year old strung some lights by himself in the  back of the house and said he made a trap.  I do believe this.thanksgiving, christmas decorating
I may have done a little rearranging of the lights after they left. thanks12.jpg
They wanted to make the North Pole in the woods.  We found some things in the basement that were perfect. christmas decorating, north pole
I didn’t put the sleigh and reindeer together but they thought it was great just leaning part of it up against a tree.  Thanks to Aunt Melissa and cousin Reganne for the decorations thanksgiving-fun-with-the-family
My beautiful daughters and granddaughters hit the Black Friday Sales.  I stayed home that evening and watched a movie with the boys.beautifulfamily
 shop112301501_10208308477417550_5080892108846027383_n shop4
My son-in-law took the boys to their Uncle David’s farm to ride in the side by side through the woods and then on a tractor.   They were full of stories when they came back to my house about the “reindeer heads” on the basement wall and how Uncle David is the strongest man in the world!  I understand that he pulled a dead tree out of the ground making it look like he pulled out a real tree.
Our family was not all able to be together this year but each one had a wonderful time with the people they did spend it with and FaceTime helps to bring everyone together.  Sometimes I actually like modern technology.
Now it is time to start on the Christmas preparations.  I love this time of the year and the precious memories we create with family and friends.  
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  1. So delightful! I can identify with a 3 year old boy thinking he’s the “man in charge” and a 6 year old setting “a trap!” What cuties!
    My youngest daughter went to Toys R Us on Black Friday and saved a ton, got everything she wanted and didn’t have to wait in line to check out! I couldn’t believe her luck!

    1. My daughters said the Black Friday was not crazy here either. Amazing isn’t it. The boys are so funny especially the 3 year old.

  2. I love the way you described the fun with the boys! I miss Amara being little! I love that they created their own North Pole! Glad you had such a wonderful day! I would take your day over shopping anytime!

    1. I know what you mean about them staying little! Most of mine are now teenagers and I don’t get to see them much. Once they start sports or become social butterflies, the grandparents are a little on the back burner. You are lucky that Amara lives so close and your house is just another home to her.

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