Pillsbury Bake-off Contest 2014, Strawberry Mascarpone Hazelnut Chocolate Tart.

Strawberry Mascarpone Hazelnut Chocolate Tart

Here is my recipe that was chosen by Pillsbury Bake-off Contest 2014.  I cannot believe how lucky and excited I am to get to be a part of this great  contest again.

Bake-Off Finalist Cover PhotoThe 47th Pillsbury Bake-off Contest 2014 was held November 2-4th in Nashville Tn.  The grand prize was $1 million dollars!!!   There were many other wonderful prizes too.

Early last year, the contest rules were posted on the Pillsbury web site.  There were 4 categories you could enter.  I did enter a                few recipes in each one.  In June, I received an email stating that I was a potential   finalist.  After a screening process that all finalists go through, I was confirmed as a finalist.

10303986_766158323450798_3426967293235146488_nHere is a picture of the apron we will be wearing.  How cute!!!!

The following months were filled with completing forms, media events, a photo session, hotel and travel arrangements, getting the lists of ingredients and equipment completed and lots of practicing my recipe.  My husband was able to attend with me this time so there was also shopping for clothes for both of us.  A facebook  page was set up for those of us going to the bake-off, some that had been there previously, and ones who hope to get chosen in the future.  There is so much support and well wishes from everyone.                  The excitement just continued to build

The bakeoff was being held at the Omni Hotel in Nashville Tn this time.  Pillsbury treats each and every finalist as royalty.  They were so helpful with questions or concerns.  Each finalist was given a Visa gift  card and a  new microwave before we even went.  When we      arrived, our hotel was beautiful and all of our lodging and meals were covered by Pillsbury.  We also received gift bags with gifts from each of the sponsors.

Please see the post dated 11/8/14 for a complete summary of the Pillsbury Bake-off Contest in Nashville Tn.

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