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I LOVE cookies. .. I could be the cookie Monster.  Especially when it comes to decorated Sugar Cookies. I have been making these for over 40 years.  I made them for my children when they were growing up and now make them for my grandchildren.   I try to make them for each occasion during the year and on their birthdays.  The children have always loved helping me make these.

I remember baking cookies with my mother from the time I was a very young girl.  This is one of the special memories I wanted to create with my own children and grandchildren.  One of my grandchildren,  a 4 year old who lives in Denver, has even called me to say “Honey,the cookies are gone”  That means I need to get a box in the mail! When I visit them we do make cookies too.

I have used this recipe for about 35 years and find it to be fool-proof.  You can create these special cookies for any event just by purchasing a cookie cutter or being creative and designing your own cookie shapes.  I find most of my cookie cutters at Craft 2000 or  My tips are to use the metal or copper cookie cutters and to use only the best ingredients.  I always use my baking stones, they keep the bottoms from becoming too dark and the cookies remain softer.  If you do use metal cookie sheets, line with parchment paper.  Another good tip I recommend is to use the Wilton Coloring Paste when coloring the icing. I use a toothpick or the end of a small plastic knife to add the coloring to icing bowls.  When I am preparing the icing, I divide it out into heavy disposable bowls and use plastic silverware .   EASY CLEAN-UP!

Please see a few pictures of some of the cookies I have made and try this great recipe


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16 thoughts on “Sugar Cookies For All Occasions…”

  1. These are the most beautiful sugar cookies I’ve seen. Great work. I will be trying your recipe. Soon with the help of my grand daughter I’m sure.

    1. Oh thank you,that is so sweet. I don’t get real fancy at all but the grandkids think they are!

  2. Pam you make the best sugar cookies ever.!!!!! Absolutely love them. They are beautiful too. Go ahead make me some. I dare you. Lol

  3. Thank you so much for this recipe. I have admired your decorated sugar cookies through the years.

    1. You are welcome…they are time consuming but they are the best sugar cookie recipe that I have ran across. Good luck

  4. I seriously think sugar cookies are my favorite. I only make them at Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but I should do it more often. My husband can’t even begin to understand why you would make or eat a cookie without chocolate!

    1. I love sugar cookies and those Mexican wedding cookies…I always eat way too many. I guess I pretty much love all cookies!

  5. Can I ask what brand of flour, powdered sugar and vanilla extract you use? I know some brands really affect the outcome of cookies. Thanks for your help!!

    1. Sure! I use Pillsbury all purpose flour, Domino confectioner sugar and usually McCormick Pure vanilla. Sometimes I have Watkins Pure vanilla and use it. I agree that different brands do affect the cookies. Thank you

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