The toyroom is an area between 4 walls where special memories are made.  You watch your grandchildren grow, share secrets, give hugs and sometimes break up fights. 

As a grandparent, I feel it is very important to have a space in your home that is designated for the grandchildren.  Depending on the space available, the toyroom may be just a section of a room or it could be a whole room.  My own grandchildren area has changed over the years.  

When my first grandson was born, I purchased a baby bed, a swing, and some baby toys.  I set this up in a guest bedroom.  After a year, our needs changed so I converted the room to a toyroom with the baby furniture in it. We soon added more grandchildren so, again, I changed the room.  I put a toddler bed, a baby bed, and a twin bed plus the toys, into a different guest bedroom.  The children loved playing in there when they came to visit.  After about 3 years, I started working from home so one of the bedrooms needed to be converted to an office.

The “toyroom/playroom” was now moved to an extra bedroom we have in our basement.   It has been here for about 10 years and has provided many hours of fun.

Creating a space for your grandchildren does not have to involve a lot of expense.  I painted the walls, added some inexpensive curtains, painted some shelving units, purchased paper posters, and added plastic covers over the electric receptacles. I decided to set my toyroom up in zones for different activities.

I went to a store that sells used children items, Once Upon A Child, and found this kitchen set with a washer/dryer and ironing board for only $35 total!!!!  It is a heavy plastic and the children of all ages, boys and girls, have loved playing with it.  This was my favorite purchase. I like it better then the new ones which are just one unit.  I purchased the table and chairs new.  the toyroom at grandma honeys house                                                                   One of my daughters had a long wooden table she was not using so she gave that to me.  I painted it, bought some small chairs, and created an arts/craft center. the-toyroom-at-grandma-honeys-house  

 I bought some plastic tubs on sale to keep toys organized.  I did buy some new toys over the years, but in the beginning, my own children and family members donated toys that the kids no longer played with.  Amazingly, the children loved playing with the recycled toys because they were at my house.  You could also pick up items at garage sales but I would clean them very well and make sure there are no safety issues.   the-toyroom-at-grandma-honeys-house   the-toyroom-at-grandma-honeys-house   6tr  


 My favorite toys are the old fashioned ones like the Fisher Price pull toys…the puppy with the wagging tail, red ball on the end, and the telephone with the eyes that roll.  The children really enjoy these priceless toys.  (my puppy with red ball on tail, telephone, and the popcorn pull toy have gone home with some of the children over the years).  the-toyroom-at-grandma-honeys-house  

I have also added a box spring and mattress from a twin bed I do not use to the room for extra seating.  (Also used for jumping)


We have Barbie dolls, Polly Pockets, 35 cabbage patch dolls from my own daughters, stuffed animals, games and lots of baby toys.  My teenaged grandson donated an older video game set with the games since he has an updated version.     Our 13 grandchildren are between the ages of 2 and 16 years old.  When the last one has outgrown the toyroom,we will convert the room into a guest bedroom/apartment type place for them to hang out when they stay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 the-toyroom-at-grandma-honeys-houser  I hope that you can find a place in your home to convert to this very  special place and enjoy the memories. 

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  1. You are one very special person. I hope when I become a Grandparent I can make their visits special like you do. We have a basement that will be perfect for a playroom someday.

    1. Oh my gosh Shelly your grandkids will be in stiches laughing all of the time! They will have the most fun grandma, and remember you have that special beach area!

  2. I have no grand children of my own but as a former teacher I am “grandma” to 1000’s.

    1. Oh Carole..the stories I could get from you!! I will prob call upon you. You are a grandma for sure.

  3. I too have been interested in blogging but don’t know what to do. Love yours. You ‘be done an excellent job setting it up. I especially enjoyed the grand children’s play area over time. I have 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Looking forward to continue to read if I can find it again. Lol

    1. Thanks Ruth Ann. I have a lot left to do but decided to start somewhere. You should hear Bob every night when I am on the computer half of the night trying to get this! LOL!! I didn’t realize you have great grandchildren too. Awesome. Let me know if you can’t find it again and I will guide you back here.

  4. I love the idea of a play room and if I had more than one (amazing) grandchild I would have loved your ideas. Since there is only one, and since she is here often, she has her very own room. It started out as a spare bedroom but by the time she was 2 years old it became Amara’s room! At 11 she loves having her own room here.

    1. That is awesome, we have 4 bedrooms in our house but the grandkids kept coming faster than we could rearrange rooms!!HAHA. I think at one point I did try to do a girls room and a boys room but life kept happening and we had to use the rooms. For me, it is funny but even the older kids end up hanging out in there with the younger ones. Last week I told the 2 teenage girls they could re-do the toyroom so they are excited and making plans to update it. Amara is very lucky and loved for sure. I am sure my girls wish they had their own room here.

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