A few weeks ago one of my daughters and I were talking about The Andy Griffith show and Mayberry. She said to me “Mom after your generation no one will even know what Mayberry was about”.  I started thinking about it and am hoping that is not true. But do most of the younger generations know who Lucille Ball, Vivian Leigh or John Wayne are??

Everyone around my age (62) grew up watching a show on television that transported us to a magical town called Mayberry.

It was a quaint, little old fashioned town, made up of kind, hardworking people with good morals. There was no serious crime and families were close. People were kind to their neighbors. Children showed respect to their parents and romance was not the sex scenes we now have on television. I know that for myself, I wanted to live my adult life in a place like this.

I did not know until about 10 years ago that this little town really does exist. It is Mt Airy, NC and is the town that  was the inspiration to create The Andy Griffith Show. Although  the show was not filmed here,  Andy actually spent a lot of his childhood here.

One of my daughters moved to North Carolina about 10 years ago and lives about 30 minutes from here. She actually works in Mt Airy and my grandson goes to school here.

In 2011 we went to their annual festival “Mayberry Days”. I did not take a lot of pictures but sure wish I had. There is a big parade down Main Street and each year different characters from the show attend. One of the ladies (Betty Lynn that played Thelma Lou, Barney’s girlfriend) lives in Mt Airy and is a regular at the festival. She also does regular appearances and autograph sessions.betty lynn-thelma lou mayberry days

betty lynn(2nd picture is from Mayberry Days Facebook pg)

Main Street has the familiar buildings we saw each week such as Floyd’s Barber Shop, Snappy’s Lunch and the Earle Theatre.mayberry opie candy storemayberry floyds barber shopdowtown mayberry

mayberry days snappys lunch I understand that there is always a long line waiting to have Snappy’s famous pork chop sandwich. The owner has a large window where the grill is and he cooks there so he can see everyone and they can see him. snappys lunch

mini_24478(previous 2 pictures from internet)

There is also the Andy Griffith Museum, the old school house, Andy’s boyhood home, Goobers Garage, and the Old Jail that you can visit.

There are tours you can take of the town in an old police cruiser. There is a blue train that you can ride to take a tour.mayberry days parade 3mayberry days parade (2)

 During Mayberry Days the town is transformed into the show we remember. The old police cars are seen on all of the streets and the deputies are dressed like Barney. I saw many town people dressed in character.   mayberry days deputy 2    

mayberry days deputy I spent time talking to a lady that truly believed she was Aunt Bee.  I even kind of felt like she was too.mayberry days aunt bee (301x640)















The town was full of music and there were bands playing on street corners. There were games to play, lots of great food to purchase, a BBQ cook-off and so much to experience.mayberry days band

mayberry cookbookI went into a cute little gift shop and bought another cookbook as well as some wonderful souvenirs from the show. I also went into a little bakery that was off the main street and a man in his 90’s was operating it. He told me the story of how his family came to America when he was small. We discussed recipes and I told him about my experience with cooking contests. He offered me a deal to buy his bakery. If I lived closer than 5 hours away I just may have done that. 

I was visiting my daughter last week and wanted to walk around in Mayberry before I left but it was raining too hard to get good pictures. It would be fun to go here on a quiet day also.mayberrymb6 (145x220)






She had taken one of my little grandson’s there the week before to walk through the town. He was riding his little bike. A man came out from Floyd’s Barber shop and wanted to take his picture to hang on the wall with the thousands of other ones there. His dad is the owner.

This year Mayberry Days will be held September 24,25,26,27. Some of the guests attending will be Barbara Eden, Clint Howard (brother of Ron), Rodney Dillard (The Darling Boys) and several more.mayberry days barbara edenmayberry days clint howard



















Mayberry Days also has a Facebook page.  (The above 2 pictures are from their Facebook page).   The agenda and all activities for Mayberry Days is on there.

I will not be able to attend this year but hope to next year.

I hope that this little town and the wonderful memories of the Andy Griffith Show do not get lost in the busy world we live in now. Some days we just need to be transported back to a simpler time.



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  1. The Andy Griffith show was NOT filmed in Mt Airy. It was filmed at Desilu Studios in California.

    1. Thank you..I read that it was filmed in California and one of the articles I had read said some of the filming was actually done in Mt Airy. Different information out there causing confusion but I understand that the town was recreated from places in Mt Airy. I did correct my statement. It is a beautiful town and I love the values and kindness the show represented. Have you been here before? Thank you again.

  2. I would love to go there and so would my husband. It has always been one of his favorite shows! It would be fun to see the town it was all based on.

    1. I wish I had better pictures but the weather was bad and I really couldn’t walk around to get more. One of my favorite shows too.

  3. What a fun visit via the Grand Social. Such a fun treat to read “the rest of the story” about the sweet old “town” of Mayberry. It reminds me of an article I recently read about another great old show, My Three Sons. The gal that married the oldest sons, Tina Cole, is living in our Sacramento area. Not nearly as much goodies as you shared, yet still fun to have a bit of a close connect with a favorite actor or actress of days gone by. Thanks so much for sharing this. 🙂


    1. That is interesting about Tina Cole. I loved all of those shows. How about Leave It To Beaver…Awww the good ole days.

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