christmas trees, blennerhassett hotelThe Festival of Trees is an event held in our town to celebrate the Christmas season.  The trees and wreaths are decorated by people in the community and sponsored by different agencies.  They  are not only beautiful, but for a good cause.  They are on display for a few weeks and then there is an auction.  The proceeds go to the Easter Seals of West Virginia.

A friend and I went to see the festival of trees and then went out to lunch last week.  We are now planning on making this an annual get together.

They are on display in the historical Blennerhassett  Hotel, located in our town.    Bob and I actually spent our honeymoon here 29 years ago.
blennerhassett hotel
(I took this picture the week prior to front being decorated)
christmas treeschristmas trees
The front doors are decorated beautifully.
As you walk into the entry, it is full of lights, and holiday decorations.                                                                                                             christmas trees, blennerhassett hotelchristmas trees, blennerhassett hotel
festival of trees5
 This year there were 42 or 43  items decorated and on display.  Each tree or wreath has a specific theme.  There are trees down different hallways.  Here is a sample of what we saw.blennerhassett tree, christmas treesfestival-of-treesfestival-of-treesfestival-of-treesfestival-of-trees
PARIS was theme for this tree
PARIS was theme for this tree
close-up of PARIS themed tree
close-up of PARIS themed tree


After we finished looking at the trees we decided to check out the Library in the hotel.  DSC_0145DSC_0152
We pretended like it was our home and made ourselves comfortable in front of the beautiful fireplace. DSC_0147blennerhassett-hotels@blen
After a short tea party we headed to lunch.  What a great day with a good friend and all of the Christmas beauty we saw that day.
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  1. Beautiful, elegant old hotel. Thanks for sharing these lovely and, in some cases, imaginatively decorated trees. It sounds like a fun day for you and your friend. More memories in the making.

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of glitter and glitz packed into that charming hotel! And some fun, too! Like the elf tree! Whoa! It’s loaded with them! My grandsons would just adore the Darth Vader tree. They have their own little tree and it’s loaded with Star Wars ornaments – some hand made too!

  3. Your day sounds perfect especially since you got to do it all with a friend! Those trees are just amazing! I knew Joyce would love the Darth Vader tree. Jenna and Justin would love it, too! For me — I’ll take that red and white near the very top! Love it!

    1. I agree with you on the tree choice. Darth Vader doesn’t really say Christmas to me. It was decorated great though.

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