childrens books, jack and annie booksI was recently introduced to the Jack and Annie books through my 6 year old grandson.  He started kindergarten this year and his teacher reads  these books to the class.  He always talks about the books, so I added them to his Christmas list. 

My daughter told me that he had checked  out a Jack and Annie book from the library and when it was time to return it, he wanted to say he lost it just so he could keep it longer.
He likes The Magic Treehouse series.  These are stories about a brother and sister who discover a magic tree house filled with books that takes them on different adventures.  The children fly to different parts of the world to learn about other cultures and things through history.
My 3 year old grandson cannot read yet but I believe that he knows the stories very well also.childrens books, jack and annie books childhood books, jack and annie books
 I read that the books have been around since 1992 but this is my first experience with them. They are available in school systems across the country.  Another daughter is a speech therapist in the school system and she told me that  the children she works with love these books. 
The young children are excited with the Jack and Annie books as they are usually the first “Chapter” books they start to read.
My grandchildren that are in middle school and high school tell me that they use to read these books and loved them.
 I found the books on Amazon but they are also available at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores.   They were very inexpensive. 
Carter was so excited when he opened a box of the books on Christmas.  He was telling me about the different adventures the kids had been on and what is going to happen in the future.  He had heard that in Book and so does this.  So funny to watch his excitement with the stories. 
My daughter lives in another state but sent me pictures yesterday of the boys with the books.  She reads to them each night.  The 6 year old likes the adventures and learning the cultural things.  The 3 year old likes the books because the children fly! children books, jack and annie bookschildhood books, jack and annie books
The 6 year old called me on FaceTime a few days ago to tell me there are 51 books.  I think there are really 54.  I told him that when he finishes each set, I will buy him a new set.  new-adventures-with-jack-and-annie-books
I understand that ages 5 thru 10 are the ones most interested in the books.  If you have children or grandchildren in this age group, it looks like this is a gift they would love to receive.  I am going to buy some to keep at my house also.
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  1. I have never heard of the Jack and Annie books. I have a grandson who loves the Magic Tree House series. I will have to take a look for them. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Books are such a wonderful gift for little minds — for big minds, too! How wonderful that they are learning to love to read. Since I am also the Book Fair-ie as one of my side jobs I love kids and books! I love that your going to buy his a new set as he finishes each one. Great motivation!

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