Here it is!!  Superbowl week. 

Everyone is getting their team jerseys ready and their Superbowl party plans finalized.  If you don’t like to watch it for the actual football game you have to love to watch it for the commercials.
In our family there is a rivalry brewing..what is a grandmother to do?
My Denver grandsons are Bronco fans.superbowl, denver, grandsons
My North Carolina grandsons are Panther fans.grandsons, north carolina, superbowl 50
 They are ready and the trash talk is on. 

The Denver boys seem to have an unfair advantage since their daddy is getting in on the action.
I wish that our family could be together on that day but since we are in different states, it is not possible.  The boys already FaceTime each other so I am sure this day will keep the phone lines burning.
The boys have only got to be together about every other year, yet they talk about each other as if they see one another frequently.  I think they feel close even though they are so far apart.   
In the spirit of grandparenthood, I had asked them each to  FaceTime me for an interview.  The answers were predictable, I guess, but I did not get the level of attention that I felt I should have as a grandma.  Too many funny distractions!
The Denver boys had received about 12 inches of snow the night before so they took the phone and kept showing me outside their windows.  They also had a bag of cookies they were telling me about.  After the questions, they said “can we be done now”…I laughed so hard.
The next day I interviewed the North Carolina boys but the littlest one was too busy picking on their dog to talk. The older one did answer the questions and then said, “Grandma, I’m in the middle of a movie right now”.   Again, a reason to laugh hysterically.
So maybe the rivalry isn’t brewing like I had thought it was, or maybe they are just saving it for game day,  but I still loved the cute conversations. 
Here were my short and sweet interviews.
Question: Are you excited about the game?     Both groups said yes                                                                                             
Question:  Who is going to win?                                                                       Denver: Broncos    North Carolina: Panthers
Question: Who is your favorite player?                                                             Denver: Peyton Manning      North Carolina: Cam Newton
Question:  What do you have to say to people who are hoping the  other team wins?      Neither group had a comment.
Question:  What do you think the score will be?                                              Denver had strong opinions on this one.  The oldest one predicted Broncos 28, Carolina 7.  The youngest one Broncos 100, Carolina 0 North Carolina said they just didn’t know. 
Well, the stage is set and my grandsons are apparently ready for Superbowl Sunday.  I will be talking to them that day and see how their spirit holds out. 
I will be making some good snacks for Grandpa Bob and I and be enjoying the evening myself.  Good luck to both teams and both sets of grandsons.


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  1. Honest and to the point – you couldn’t ask for better answers! Great interviews! Happy Superbowl Day to you and Bob! <3

    1. Really!!! They lose interest in grandma when there are more exciting things happening. Happy SuperBowl day to you too!

    1. Thank you and I agree. They probably would have said funnier things if I had not been doing an interview!!!

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