We recently finished our office remodel and I am excited to share it with you.  

Every year my husband and I do a home improvement project.  It seems that when you own a home the project list never ends.  We have lived in our home for 29 years, but we still have things to do.  This year we decided to do an office remodel for the spring project.I was able to work from home the last 10 years that I was employed, so I took one of our 4 bedrooms and converted it into an office.   It was a bedroom that had carpeting and was starting to show a lot of wear after 10 years of rolling chairs, and a lot of footsteps on it.  The walls needed painting, the lighting needed updating and the drapes were very old.   I retired last year but still wanted to keep the room as a home office.

I could not believe that I did not take more “Before” pictures!  I did find a few from moving and packing day with everything a mess though.  office remodeloffice remodeloffice remodel

Grandkids art wall that covered one of the closets.

office remodelThis picture shows the macadamia colored walls and carpet.  Also shows how worn out the carpet was.

We started at the top and had the ceiling re-stomped.  I painted the ceiling and walls afterwards.

We replaced a ceiling fan.

office remodel, spring project, ceiling fanOld one.

office remodel, ceilg fan, spring projectNew one with a more modern style.

light, office remodel, spring projectOld light over a built in desk area ( in the house when we bought it)

lighting, office remodel, spring projectNew light.

office remodel, spring projectI painted the walls a light gray color and kept the wood trim white. (Repose Gray). The white all got a new coat of paint. All paint from Sherwin Williams.

laminate floor, office remodel, spring projectlaminate, spring project, office remodelThe best improvement in the office remodel was new flooring.  We took out the carpeting and replaced it with a dark laminate that is so beautiful.  It looks like hardwood and really makes the room look classy.

One of our sons replaced all of the electrical switches with the white receptacles and covers.  

I rearranged my furniture with the 2 desks, 2 computers, printer, file cabinet, Amish fireplace, and bookshelves to give me more space.  I have not hung anything on the walls yet since we patched so many holes and my husband has banned me from hanging anything.  I will have to work into that.

office remodel I have 2 closets in this room so I was able to organize files with my recipes and memorabilia from cooking contests in them. 

office remodel, spring projectI am so lucky to have a large window in this room, so I get a lot of light.  The view is beautiful.  I also bought new drapes.

I still have some little decorating and organizing things to do but wanted to share some pictures of the office remodel.  office remodeloffice remodeloffice remodel

My husband said we are getting too old to do any more projects and this is the last one.   I think he said the same thing 4 years ago after the kitchen remodel.   I still have 2 more rooms on the list though, so I will let him recover until next spring and the next project. 

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  1. Looks great! I just love remodeling and updating rooms! I get a great satisfaction when it is finished.

    1. Thank you Ruth Ann. It is better in person even, I could not get good pictures.

  2. You did an amazing job! The ceiling fan you replaced is hanging in our office which could sure use a makeover. Probably would just help if I cleaned my desk! Have to admit I am very jealous of that new flooring. Nicely done!

    1. Isn’t that funny that we had the same ceiling fan! Must have been the best one that year..LOL! The flooring is my favorite too. It does not look like laminate, it really is heavy and feels like a hardwood. Wish we could afford to replace some other flooring with it but Grandpa Bob says no more projects!!

    1. Thank you Mary. OK…I will let him rest a few months. I am glad to have found your blog and will be reading more of your posts.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. It does seem like project lists never end when you own a home.

  3. Wow! Beautiful! (Although I must say that my favorite picture is the one of the little blonde beauty modeling in front of the closet door!)
    Wood floors are great, and I agree, they make a room look “classy.”
    LOL on hubby’s comment! I get mine to paint rooms and he always says, “Okay, this is the last one!” HA! I give him a few months and then stick some color samples in his face and ask NOT “do you think we should paint?” but “WHICH ONE should we use next?”

  4. Are you willing to share what the name of the laminate flooring is in your beautifully remodeled home office? We are thinking of replacing ours & I love the look of yours!

    1. Oh sure! It is made by Shaw. it is called Radiant Luster Kahn our color is SL070 it is a dark color. I love it. It has a high shine to it and I have never had to clean it with anything but water so far. We have another laminate in part of our house and this one is so much better. Really looks like hardwood, was easy to install. Happy remodeling!

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