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Sharing this easy idea to make snowy days a little more special.

A Winter Wonderland Snack Board filled with savory and sweet, white treats to enjoy on a snowy day

Winter Wonderland Snack Board

On a snowy, cold day, what could be better than a Winter Wonderland Snack Board?
A board or tray filled with savory and sweet  treats that are all, basically, white to match your snowy day.

We finally had our first real snow and there is just something magical about it.  Of course we share hot cocoa or make a pot of chili to celebrate, but I wanted to create something a little better on this day.

A few weeks ago, I baked a batch of my favorite sugar cookies, cut them out with a snowflake cutter, frosted them and put them in the freezer to wait on a snowy day.  I had also baked some mexican wedding (snowball) cookies and had them in the freezer.

The day of the snow, I just went through the pantry and refrigerator to see what I could add to the tray that was white.

The only thing I had to bake on this day was turkey-cranberry pinwheels. Using a roll of crescent dough, I spread an herb flavored cream cheese, arranged turkey lunch meat slices, swiss cheese, and then a handful of frozen, crushed cranberries. Roll them up like a jelly roll, slice and bake.


These cute little ramekins had snowmen on them and they added some charm to the board. They were filled with popcorn.

Make some finger sandwiches, roll up a few slices of turkey, then fill the board with white yogurt covered pretzels, white chocolate covered mini reese cups, white powdered mini donuts, snowflake and snowball cookies, and white cupcakes with white icing and sparkles.  The big thing I did not have on hand was marshmallows!! That would have made it perfect.  My foods are just an idea, but you can add so many other things to be even more creative.

This Winter Wonderland Snack Board will make the children of all ages happy.  If you are having a snow day from school, let the children help to create it. My grandchildren love making food boards.

HERE is the recipe for the sugar cookies I make.

I hope you make one of these boards to enjoy after sleigh riding, building a snowman, or just looking out the window on a snowy day.

A Winter Wonderland Snack Board filled with savory and sweet, white treats to enjoy on a snowy day.

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