This time last year I took a leap of faith and retired from my career as an RN.  retired, nursing, life

When anyone asks me what it is like to be retired, my answer is “Every day is Saturday”.  That is what being retired feels like to me.

I am busy everyday, but it is not the same as a busy day at work.  I do not feel the level of stress, which has to be a good thing.   I am not usually on a tight schedule.

My first year as a retired woman has been filled with a variety of new experiences. 

My husband turned “60” last May and I hosted a weekend party for 80 of our friends and family at our favorite lake resort.  My first few months of retirement were filled with finalizing the party details.  We all had such a wonderful time.

I was able to spend more time with my grandchildren. That is the most important thing of all.  We were able to get together more to shop and spend time baking in the kitchen.

I have to say that being retired has also been an opportunity to strengthen our marriage in so many ways.  My husband and I enjoy each others company and are now able to do more things together.  We walk several times a week.  In the winter months we have been going to the mall to walk and then go to Panera Bread for lunch.   We cook meals together about 3 or 4 times a week.  We take drives when we want to, I have gone with him to his hunting cabin when he mows, and we have watched a lot of Hallmark movies.  

In December, Grandpa Bob had a Total Shoulder Replacement so the past few months have been focused on his rehab.  I drove him to therapy 3 times a week and follow up Dr appointments.  He is doing so well now and this summer should be great for him.

It has not been a year filled with exciting travel or anything like that but it has been a year filled with time to enjoy the simple things in life.   We talk to other retirees that say the same thing.  This is what life should be about.

Bob says almost every day that he cannot believe how good our life is and how blessed we are.  We do not take good health or our family for granted.   I would recommend to retire a little earlier in life if there is any possible way and just experience your life.

Here  is a link to a post I wrote last year about my career as an RN.



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  1. Congratulations on your retirement! I also am an RN that chose to retire early. My husband, Paul will be working for another 3 years and I can’t wait for the day he will retire! I am loving being home and spending time with my grandchildren. Can’t wait for the warm summer months so I can get outside and garden.

    1. Teresa, congratulations to you too! I agree about the warm weather. My husband never wanted to retire, everyone thought he would work forever and the opportunity came up for him in October so he did it. He is so happy too. Your husband will be also.

  2. I chose early retirement from a medical profession as well and have never looked back. Yes, every day is a Saturday which sometimes really makes me mess up dates (lol)

    1. Oh Lisa! I totally forgot to mention the part about not knowing the date..haha (or time of day somedays)

  3. What a delightful year y’all had! And what a lovely opportunity to create all those sweet new memories to treasure always! ? Very cool!


  4. Sounds like you have been plenty busy. We aren’t retired but are emptynesters. Once we adjusted, we have rediscovered “having fun” together and we are enjoying it.

  5. I’ve been working part-time for a long time so I know the joys of having time for extra fun things with family but Hubby recently became semi-retired and it is so much fun having more time with him. I’m glad you made the jump and are enjoying it. Time becomes more precious the older we get.

    1. You are so right that time becomes more precious as we get older. It is the simple things in life that hubby & I now have time to do that makes us feel young again and like we missed so many little things along the way. We are enjoying it a lot.

  6. I think being retired would be wonderful. I cut down to two days a week last year and I’m loving that – although it feels like an interruption to my week having to go to work! I totally agree that retiring a bit earlier if you can afford to is definitely the way to go.

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