Last week we hosted a Disney Princess themed rehearsal cook-out.

rehearsal dinner, disney princess, weddingMy step son and his beautiful fiancé got married last week.  She loves everything Disney,  so she planned her wedding with a Disney princess theme.  They requested the rehearsal dinner be a cook-out at our house.  I wanted to make this special for them, so Bob and I created a Disney princess themed rehearsal cook-out. 

I thought the biggest challenge would be to keep it on an adult level and not to have it look like a little girl’s birthday party.

rehearsal cook-out, disney princessMy husband has a large building on our land that has a workshop, a race car room, and where he parks recreational vehicles. 

We decided to hold the party in the center of this building.  

My husband and I had a vision and formulated our plan.

To begin the decorating,  Bob moved everything out of the center of the building. 

disney princess, rehearsal cook-outWe scrubbed the floors with Tide powder and hosed it out.  He came up with the idea of enclosing the center room with shower curtains to conceal what items we could not hide. 

disney princess, rehearsal cook-outWe strung 31 white shower curtains on a thin rope, and attached it to screws that had been inserted into the wooden posts. 

I purchased the shower curtains at the Dollar Tree for $1 each!

My husband, his son and a friend spent an evening cleaning the floor and hanging the curtains.  The curtains did blow apart with the wind, so if I ever did this again, I would find a way to hold them together.

disney princess, rehearsal cook-outdisney-princess-themed-rehearsal-cook-outThese guys were so funny and had a blast doing this work. 

disney-princess-themed-rehearsal-cook-outWe rented the tables and chairs.  I also found these candles at the Dollar Tree.  They were LED and changed colors.  Perfect centerpieces. 

disney-princess-themed-rehearsal-cook-outdisney-princess-themed-rehearsal-cook-outI looked up the names of the Disney Princesses and made these signs to sit on each of the food stations, keeping with the Disney princess themed cook-out. 

These are the clear, plastic picture frames from the dollar store also.

The food stations were:

rehearsal cook-out, disney princessCINDERELLA’S COOKIES, CANDIES, CAKES: cupcakes, lemon bars, homemade cookies, raspberry brownie bites, fresh fruits and dips

BELLE’S BBQ:  pulled pork sandwiches & BBQ sauce, baked ham,    hot dogs with homemade sauce

DSC_0683ARIEL’S APPETIZERS:  veggie tray, cheese tray, shrimp tray, rotel  dip and veggie pizza

SNOW WHITE’S SIDES: Homemade potato salad, hasbrown casserole, baked beans with sausage, pasta salad, deviled eggs,

TIANO’S TACO BAR:  taco meat, salsa, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, bags of Doritos

DSC_0692POCAHONTAS PUNCH: raspberry sherbert  punch

RAPUNZEL’S REFRESHING BEVERAGES: sweet tea, variety of soda pop, water, juices

MERIDA’S MUNCHIES; variety of chips, popcorn, dip, salsa, pretzels

We had so much fun creating this cook-out.  


My new daughter in law is a real princess and we were so happy to celebrate this marriage.


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  1. Everything about this is so sweet! Your new daughter-in-law is truly a real princess! She married into a family that works together very well to make special occasions for all its members!

    1. Thank you. Your comments are so nice. If I would have had you here for the decorating it would have been a masterpiece!

    1. Thank you..it was better than my pictures showed. I am so bad sometimes on remembering to take pictures. I get busy doing the event and forget them!

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