These camo cupcakes were a big hit at my grandson’s 4 year old birthday party. camo cupcakes. kids cooking class

Last week my 2 little grandsons from NC came to stay with me for 4 days.  One of them has an August 1st birthday.  He had his birthday party with friends and NC family before they came to visit. We wanted to have a little party with his WV family while he was here.  He requested a camo birthday party because he loves camo!  It was also birthday week for his Uncle David.  I was having a kids cooking class with them the day before the party, so I decided we would make foods to take to the party.  His 6 year old brother wanted to make camo cupcakes and they turned out so cute.

In this class, the skills we worked on were hand-washing, how to measure ingredients, using a mixer safely , and frosting cupcakes.

We used a yellow cake mix and followed the directions on the box.  I divided some of the batter into small bowls and added food coloring paste to obtain the camo colors.  We also used a can of chocolate frosting for convenience.

I preheated the oven and helped him line the cupcake/muffin pans with bright green paper liners.  

camo cupcakes, kids cooking classHe added some of each color batter to each cup.

camo cupcakes, kids cooking classNo two cupcakes will look the same.camo cupcakes, kids cooking class

This can be a messy job but they will still turn out wonderful.

camo cupcakes, kids cooking classcamo cupcakes, kids cooking classBake.  Transfer to a cooling rack.

camo cupcakes, kids cooking classHe loved the next part, chocolate frosting.

camo cupcakes, kids cooking classcamo cupcakes, kids cooking classAdd a cake pick with a big buck on it. He was so proud.

camo cupcakes, kids cooking classThe party was at my daughter’s house.  They have a large, beautiful lake and the camo cupcakes looked so cute when we were setting up the party.

camo cupcakes, kids cooking classcamo cupcakes, kids cooking classThe cupcakes were just a little messy on a 90 degree day but the kids did not seem to mind. The dog did not eat any, but he was watching.

camo cookies, camo cupcakesWe also decorated some homemade sugar cookies to fit the camo theme.   (Not the best results..haha!)

hudson birthday, camo cupcakes, kids cooking classThere were 5 people at this cook-out that celebrated a birthday this week, so my beautiful daughter made them a giant chocolate chip cookie cake.

                       Happy Birthday Hudson and David. dav

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  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate all those birthdays! I just love the photo of the little one with frosting face! While you say the dog didn’t eat any cupcakes I bet he licked some frosting off of some faces!

  2. I guess any grandchild of Grandma Honey’s just needs to name whatever theme he/she would like and – magically! – it appears! These are great cupcakes, especially since the birthday boy’s brother got to make them for the party!

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