School started here last week, so my weekly feature on Kids Cooking Classes takes a school break.  cooking classes, kids cooking

We will still get together when we can to cook/bake, but the actual weekly kids cooking classes takes a school break.  My grandchildren are so busy with school, sports and their friends. 

I want to do a review of some of the things we covered, and the food we prepared during the summer classes.

kids cooking classes006kids cooking classesWe had a lot of fun and the grandkids did learn some basic as well as  advanced cooking skills.  They enjoyed some great food, laughs, talks, and we made a lot of wonderful memories.  That’s what time with a grandma is all about.

Review of The Summer’s Kids Cooking Classes

week 1 was all about safety

kids cooking classesweek 2 was about equipment

week 3 was to learn the differences in wet vs dry ingredients and baking vs cooking

After these classes we actually started creating recipes.  

The grandchildren are different ages so their kitchen creations were at different levels.

breakfast specialties, kids cooking classesbreakfast specialties. kids cooking classesbreakfast specialties. kids cooking classesThey made breakfast .

homemade cinnamon rollshomemade cinnamon rollshomemade cinnamon rolls, breakfast, kids cooking classHomemade cinnamon rolls

kids cooking, pizzapizza, kids cookingkids cooking, pizzaPizza

kids cookingcupcakes, kids cookingkids cooking classesCookies

kids cooking, cook-out foodsretro snacks, cupcakescook-out foods, kid friendly foodsDSC_0568cook-out foods, kids cookingCook-out foods

camo cupcakes, kids cooking classcamo cupcakes, kids cooking classstrawberry cream dessert, kids cooking classstrawberry cream dessertDesserts

strawberries, mascarpone cheese, hazelnut spread, cookie dough, pillsbury, kids cookingtart, strawberry, hazelnut choc spread, cookie dough, pillsbury, kids cookingstrawberr-mascarpone-hazelnut-choc-tart-drizzle-whitechocStrawberry Mascarpone Hazelnut Chocolate Tart

In the early spring I taught a workshop on healthy snacks to children at the WV State PTA Conference. Here are a few pictures from that.

healthy snack, popcorn bar, pta workshophealthy snacks, lunchbox, workshop ptaparfait bar, healthy snacks, pta workshoplunchbox, healthy snackshealthy snack, lunchbox

healthy snack, pta workshop, parfait barThe children enjoyed this and were very creative.

I am sad that school has started and the kids cooking classes will be on hold.  I will work on ideas for next summer.

Sharing time in the kitchen with your children or grandchildren is just one of the best memories you can leave them.

The links to all of our Kids Cooking Classes are at the top of my blog.

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  1. There creations are all wonderful but it the smiles on everyone face that just tells you how much fun they are all having! Hope everyone has a great school year. Amara starts Tuesday. She is so excited! I know we will hear lots more about it tonight when she spends the night!

    1. I was thinking about Amara a few days ago and wondered how it was going. Such an honor for her, I am sure she is excited.

  2. Pamela, you have no idea how much joy you brought to our summer with your ideas and inspiration! Starting with pizza, my grandchildren and I cooked your recipes once each week all summer long. They gained confidence in the kitchen, I had an easy task just following your tutorials and great step by step photos, and the mommies were so pleased with having the major part of their dinner hot and ready for them at pick up time! Thank you so much! Your series is a “must-do” for every involved grandma!

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