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This Strawberry Mascarpone Hazelnut Chocolate Tart is so easy to make. Just see how my 11 year old granddaughter did it.

My Strawberry Mascarpone Hazelnut Chocolate Tart was the recipe that earned me a spot as a finalist 2 years ago in the Pillsbury Bake-off Contest.

This past week all of my grandchildren were out of town, Grandpa Bob and I went to the lake for a week, so we did not get to have my weekly Kids Cooking Class.  I am reposting a previous cooking class with my granddaughter when she made this.

My  11 year old granddaughter called me one day and said that she was required to do a “How To” demonstration speech in  one of her classes.  She asked to do my Pillsbury entry!  She came to my house one evening and made the tart and I took pictures.  This was an easy recipe to do and I am so proud of the great job she did.

tart making, kids cookingI reviewed the recipe with her and she assembled the ingredients.

strawberry tart, kids cooking, pillsbury, mascarpone cheese, choc hazelnut spreadShe crumbled the cookie dough and pressed it into the tart pan.

tart making, kids cooking, strawberry, mascarpone, hazelnut spreadPoke holes in bottom of crust with a fork.

cookie dough crust, tart making, kids cookingBaked crust cooling.

strawberries, mascarpone cheese, hazelnut spread, cookie dough, pillsbury, kids cookingShe was so amazed when the removable bottom came off of the tart pan.

kids cooking, tart making, strawberries, mascarpone cheese, cookie dough, pillsburyGetting ready to assemble the tart.

tart making, pillsbury, cookie dough, kids cooking, strawberrySpread the hazelnut chocolate spread.

tart making, cookie dough, kids cooking, pillsbury, strawberry, mascarpone cheeseAdd the mascarpone cheese, vanilla and confectioner sugar layer.

tart, strawberry, hazelnut choc spread, cookie dough, pillsbury, kids cookingArrange the strawberries.

strawberr-mascarpone-hazelnut-choc-tart-drizzle-jifDrizzle the melted hazelnut chocolate spread.

strawberr-mascarpone-hazelnut-choc-tart-drizzle-whitechocDrizzle the melted white chocolate

strawberr-mascarpone-hazelnut-choc-tart-drizzle-finishedShe was so proud of the finished product!!!

Her teacher and class enjoyed her delicious presentation.

I love spending time in the kitchen with my grandchildren and feel so honored that they are proud of me for my accomplishments.

HERE is the recipe from the Pillsbury website for this tart.

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    1. Thank you. She seems to have a natural ability to do things like this. I always like to take credit for it!! haha

  1. Such a beautiful looking treat, almost too beautiful to eat! 🙂 Congrats on your feature at #HappinessIsHomemade this week, sharing on my social media 🙂

  2. What a great list of ingredients! Love everything in this tart!!! Proud grandma and proud granddaughter, not to mention the memories you’re creating. Such blessings 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing this. We are getting some fresh strawberries right now and I was looking for new ways to use them. I will be going through your list. What a great collection and they all look amazing.

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