If you are ever visiting Parkersburg, WV, you must make plans to visit the Historic Blennerhassett  Island State Park. 

Historic Blennerhassett Island state park, full of history and beauty.


I have lived all of my life in this town and just never took the time to make a trip to the Historic Blennerhassett Island.  Parkersburg is a town on the  Ohio river and this island is about 2 miles down the river.  Last week, on a beautiful, cool day, my husband and I decided to spend the day here.

We packed a picnic lunch and headed to Point Park.  blennerhassett island, mansion, sternwheeler, point park

This is the location for sternwheeler rides to and from the island.  It is about a 20 minute ride to the island.blennerhassett island, sternwheelerblennerhassett island, sternwheeler, vacation

I felt excitement as we approached the island on the boat.

blennerhassett island, historical island, picnicAfter we arrived, we had a picnic (subway sandwiches..LOL)  in front of the beautiful,  reconstructed Blennerhassett Mansion.

blennerhassett island, mansion We later took a tour of the mansion.  There are people dressed in era clothing that give these tours.  We could not walk all through the rooms or use flashes on our cameras so you can only get an idea of how beautiful this is.

There are too many pictures to show all of them, but here are a few.

The area to the right was Harman Blennerhassett’s study. 

blennerhassett island, mansion tour, kitchen14141854_10210668207844181_8761821280276271477_n14142048_10210668209524223_4562824505548092200_nThe left is the kitchen. We were not able to see area behind the big fireplace.

Photo by Val Baldwin Carnell
Photo by Val Baldwin Carnell

blennerhassett island, foyer, mansion tourWhen you enter the mansion you are in the grand foyer.  Love the staircase. 

blennerhassett island, mansion tour, foyerI think that my husband is trying to figure out a way to buy me this island by the look on his face.  I only told him a million times that I want to live here.

14202570_10210668210404245_6852852738187084887_n14199320_10210668211964284_5493342216614038053_n14202775_10210668215924383_5977739139564753060_n14225503_10210668209964234_141951631066065233_nSuch ornate moldings, lighting, and doorways. There are also parlors and sitting rooms on this level.

Photo by Val Baldwin Carnell
Photo by Val Baldwin Carnell

The table in the formal dining room is ready for guests.

Photo by Val Baldwin Carnell
Photo by Val Baldwin Carnell


14203111_10210668213564324_3236858140950782196_nUpstairs is the drawing room, library, nursery, and bedrooms.

The windows are gorgeous.

Photo by Val Baldwin Carnell
Photo by Val Baldwin Carnell

There is a set of steps where you come down to the back of the house.

There are so many other activities to do while here.

blennerhassett island, horse and carriage ridesblennerhassett islandDSC_0724We enjoyed a horse and carriage ride around the island.  The driver gave us a tour with great details on the island’s history. 


We toured another home on the island.  The family that built this home were friends of the Blennerhassetts but this home was originally built in another area and later moved to the island.

blennerhassett islandI thought the sign in front of the restrooms was very cute. It really is a necessary house.blennerhassett island

blennerhassett islandThis sign has the names of some of the famous people through history that had visited the island.  The ones that caught my attention were Daniel Boone, Lincoln, Washington, Jackson, Charles Dickens. and George Custer. 

One that did not show in my picture Johnny Appleseed. Amazing to me the history of this island and it’s visitors.

The island is full of beauty as well as a lot of history.  There is a lot of wildlife there also.  A fox ran in front of us on this day.

Here are just some random pictures of the island.DSC_0720DSC_0725DSC_0694




DSC_0738The body of Margaret Blennerhassett was moved to the island and lies here.  It is behind the mansion.

 At the end of our day, we both felt like we had stepped back in time and was so thankful that we had decided to visit.

Here is a link to the official site for Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park. 

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  1. Wow! Beautiful and very interesting! I do think your hubby should buy you that island. I can see you in that charming kitchen, baking away! And the grandkids sliding down that bannister! And all of you dining sumptuously at that table for 12! Yes! DO IT! 🙂

    1. OH yes! When I get the mansion, you all must come for a visit. I’ll send my sternwheeler for you. You can set up adventures on the island,

  2. WOW! What an amazing place to go visit! Don’t you wish you had crown molding like that in your house not to mention a spiral staircase! Thanks for sharing. What a nice place to spend the day.

    1. I could really enjoy living here on this island in the mansion. Love the crown molding and the staircase. My pictures did not do it justice. Next week we are heading to the Greenbrier Resort for our 30th wedding anniversary. Hope I can get some good pictures of it to share.

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