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Taco Skillet Pizza is a cornbread crust filled with mexican themed ingredients.
Picture by Taste of Home

Cornbread Taco Skillet Pizza,  ground beef, refried beans, salsa, and taco seasonings baked on a cornbread crust, and topped with cheese, chips, sour cream and veggies. 

Our family loves Cornbread Taco Skillet Pizza, and I have made so many variations of it. This recipe is like a deep-dish skillet pizza. It is a hearty meal or snack and can be served straight out of the pan.

I originally made this recipe as a contest entry for the national cornbread contest, but it did not get chosen.  I then shared it with Taste of Home, where it is published on their website.

Our family loves tacos, tacos in a bag, and taco pizza.  My husband and I have eaten taco pizza many times at our local Pizza Hut.  We have not been able to find this any other place, and the last time we ordered it there, they said it was being removed from the menu.

Taco Pizza Supreme


TACO PIZZA SUPREME  is another variation of a taco pizza with a regular pizza crust.

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