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Christmas 2014MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family. Sharing some fun, food and traditions from our Christmas 2014.

We had our family celebration on December 13th.

As usual, it was crazy, busy and so much fun.   We had lots of good food, talked and laughed, played some games, and opened gifts.

See some of our Christmas traditions in previous post.

Christmas Traditions..Creating New Ones as Grandparents.

I always make cookie trays, candy bags and Chex Mix for everyone to take home.  I made double recipes of 10 different kinds of cookies and 30 dozen decorated sugar.Christmas 2014006 (2)Christmas 2014Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014My husband, Bob, helped me cook and we worked on it for 2 days.  Our Christmas 2014 menu was simple and had variety to satisfy the adults and children.

Image (5)

Here are some random pictures.

The first picture was the next morning when I was taking out trash.  I looked behind me and my 2 yr old grandson, Hudson,was saying “me help” and dragging bags of trash.  We are such a lucky family to have so many wonderful blessings.    Christmas 2014                                               049 091117106041064066081Christmas 2014Christmas 2014099112038