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A Christmas visit from the Clauses is really a perfect, memorable event to share with your children or grandchildren. 

Creating a visit from the Clauses for your children.When one of my grandsons was younger, he lived Christmas every day.  When he was playing with other children, he always wanted them to play Christmas..no matter the time of the year.  His birthday is in November, but when he was turning 4, my daughter decided the theme for his party would be a Santa Claus party.  It  developed into “A Christmas Visit from the Clauses”.

Christmas, parties, Santa ClausShe was able to hire a Mr. and Mrs. Claus that were wonderful when they came to the house.  Continue reading A CHRISTMAS VISIT FROM THE CLAUSES

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Each year, for the past 29 years that we have been married, my husband takes up residency in his hunting cabin about 45 minutes away.  He use to stay for 6 weeks but now it is only a total of 4 weeks.  This escape from civilization begins the week prior to buck gun season.  He is a dedicated hunter.  He does come home for Thanksgiving dinner and then once a week to re-stock on food and wash his clothes.

The hunting season becomes my time to create the holiday home for our family. I make lots and lots of lists to begin with.  I am a micro manager of myself with lists.
I decorate the house, upstairs and down, as well as outside.  This year I had some assistance from 2 grandsons with stringing lights in the bushes and creating their North Pole in the woods.thanksgiving, christmas decoratinghunting season, christmas 2015, christmas lightsthanksgiving-fun-with-the-familychristmas decoartingchristmas decorating, hunting season


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I always enjoy being a part of the Christmas shopping hustle and bustle but things seemed to have changed over the years.

I can remember going Christmas shopping with my mother and grandmother from the time I was a small girl.  We always shopped in our downtown.  There seemed to be so many stores to me.  I can still feel the chill of the cold air as we darted in and out of each store.  The snow was blowing in our face, Christmas music was playing over loud speakers on the street corners, and there were happy people every place. 
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Christmas 2014MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family. Sharing some fun, food and traditions from our Christmas 2014.

We had our family celebration on December 13th.

As usual, it was crazy, busy and so much fun.   We had lots of good food, talked and laughed, played some games, and opened gifts.

See some of our Christmas traditions in previous post.

 Christmas Traditions..Creating New Ones as Grandparents.

I always make cookie trays, candy bags and Chex Mix for everyone to take home.  I made double recipes of 10 different kinds of cookies and 30 dozen decorated sugar.Christmas 2014006 (2)Christmas 2014Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014My husband, Bob, helped me cook and we worked on it for 2 days.  Our Christmas 2014 menu was simple and had variety to satisfy the adults and children.

Image (5)

Here are some random pictures.   

The first picture was the next morning when I was taking out trash.  I looked behind me and my 2 yr old grandson, Hudson,was saying “me help” and dragging bags of trash.  We are such a lucky family to have so many wonderful blessings.    Christmas 2014                                               049 091117106041064066081Christmas 2014Christmas 2014099112038

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We all had family traditions for the holidays as we grew up and  were able to continue these when we started our own families. 

I think as grandparents we are now in a unique situation.

Many of the traditions can’t  be carried on for different reasons.  Some of our grown children have moved away and not able to get home for the holidays, and with so many blended families there are more schedules to try to accommodate.    A few grandparents  are lucky enough to have all of your children living in the same city.            Another issue is that once our children are married, they need to share the holidays with their in-laws also.  

I think the only solution is to try to incorporate some of your  most favorite traditions while being  flexible to make new ones.  I want to share with you some of the things our big family does that seems to work.

My husband and I have a blended family of 8 children along with their spouses/significant others, 13 grandchildren and a few more from their blended families.   Talk about difficulty in being able to coordinate schedules!!

Bob and I have our big family Christmas party the 2nd Saturday in December.  This allows the children to attend events with their in-laws and still have their own family time on Christmas.   I start all of  my holiday tasks the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

I  decorate my house with family in mind.  I  have a tree upstairs that is decorated with  Thomas Kinkade and handmade ornaments from my  friend, Linda Bibbo  @  L.B. Bear Christmas Ornaments, so this one is just for looking at.   The downstairs tree is kid friendly and full of things they like.  I add Christmas to every room in the house and outside.   I do lots of shopping and baking non stop for 2 weeks.  

We are very lucky because we have 2 big rooms downstairs that we can party in.  One has the tree, and is where we open presents.  The other is a big empty room that I am able to set tables up in to eat.  I also make 20 cookie trays for family/friends.  I line the trays up on these tables to fill them.2


I still do a stocking for each grandchild.  They are not stuffed full like the ones Santa does at their house but everyone enjoys this.  Here are mine for this year. I did 18 this time.

Little Boys.. hand held stroble light, LED flashlight,stickers017

  Little Girls018          


 Big Boys023

Big Girls022

 One of the most fun traditions we started with the grandchildren is a game we play.  Even the teenagers still laugh and enjoy this.  I originally started it to stretch the evening when they open their presents so quickly.


I have a tub that I fill up with small gifts, cash, and gift cards.  The prizes have evolved over the years and change to meet what I know they like.044

Here are the prizes in this year’s tub.037

To play this game, everyone picks out a Santa or Snowman, we set up a short track ,and the little wind up Santas  race each other 2 at a time.  The winner goes to the tub and gets a prize.. the loser plays the next person.  Everyone wins!  The poor little wind up Santa does not go too far and the kids are laughing hysterically at them.

These are a few of the traditions we do at our house.  I will share some more in another post.

Bob and I just want special memories to come from the holidays at our house.    

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