There was a lot of fun and activities at our house last week.  My 3 year old grand-daughter got to spend the day with me on Friday.  I had baked some Halloween cookies, so she helped me make cookie trays and candy bags to give to people.halloween, halloween cookies, grandkids

halloween cookiesShe carefully arranged them and re-arranged them many times.  She also named each person that was suppose to eat that particular cookie. It seemed that her personal cookie tray was getting larger than the others, so I moved some cookies around when she was not watching.halloween cookies, grandkids cooking  

She was singing while she worked.early-halloween-fun

You MUST sample cookies while you are doing this, just to make sure they are OK. 

haoween candy bags, halloween cupcakes, halloween treats

The funniest thing was watching how hard she worked on the candy/cupcake bags.  Each Halloween toothpick had to be lined up perfect in the cupcake. halloween-candy-bags

early-halloween-funhalloween cand, halloween cupcakes,I believe I have a new partner in the kitchen.  It was so much fun. 

Then the  little grandsons from NC  ( 3 and 5 years old) were in for a few days so we moved some Halloween festivities up a couple of weeks.  

I decorate the main part of our house for fall, but the rooms in the basement were transformed into (not very scary) Halloween rooms. 

I prepared a few Halloween themed goodies.halloween chex mix, halloween fun, halloween treats

Chex mix.

halloween cupcakes, halloween candy bags

Halloween treat bags.  Directions to make HERE.

decorated halloween cookies

Decorated Sugar Cookies.  Recipe HERE

Saturday afternoon began with a Halloween themed lunch and the boys were the little chefs.  I set them each up their own work area.  I used a corrugated cake board that was perfect because it could be wiped off between recipes and then thrown away at the end. They also had disposable spoons, forks and knives.  early-halloween-funbologna,halloween cookie cutters


bologna, halloween lunchWe started with simple but timeless dishes such as shapes cut out of bologna. 

grilled cheese, halloween sandwicheshalloween cut outs Grilled cheese sandwiches with witch hats and pumpkins. 

I made them a Halloween “Fun-Due”.  I prepared a tray full of baked finger foods that kids like, such as dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, chicken strips, mini corn dogs, tater-tots, and crinkle fries.  I set up different dipping sauces in the middle of the tray.  (Missed getting a picture of this)

Their favorite creation was the  “Monster Mini Burgers”. monster sliders, halloween, burgershalloween sliders, kids halloween food

I cooked mini burger patties and gave them slider buns, cheese, fries, ketchup and some toothpicks.  We looked through the refrigerator for foods to use as eyes.  

early-halloween-funearly-halloween-funhalloween-sliders-for-lunchhalloween sliders, halloween party food, halloween kids cooking 

Next on the agenda was a scavenger hunt in the yard. The prizes were things like a mini flashlight, glow sticks, little plastic head-bobbing creatures, and Halloween window stickers. 

A nature walk with a list of things to find sparked a lot of conversation.  Suddenly the 3 year old said “Gwamma I see sum-ping with bones”.  I looked around and there was a dead turkey that the neighbor’s dog had carried in from the woods!!! That was not on our list.

Our home is surrounded by woods, so I gave them a job of decorating a section for Halloween.  They filled a box up with things from our basement to decorate with and off they went. spooky woods, halloween decorating,grandkids halloweenearly=halloween-funwoods, halloween decorations

They had so much fun and worked so hard preparing for the “pumpkin monster”.

Sunday afternoon more family was able to come for a  lunch of chili, potato soup, cornbread, sandwiches, dips, munchies and some other finger foods and desserts.  Then we headed to the local pumpkin patch for a fun afternoon.  

I hope that your family gets to enjoy this beautiful and fun time of year.    halloween, pumpkin patchpumpkin patchpumpkin patch, halloweenpumpkin patch 

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  1. Wow! Such adorable kids and so many cute and very original ideas packed into this post! Pinned it! I especially like the idea of allowing them to decorate a section of the woods. Teaching creativity while having fun! I think I am going to use this idea next year – and then, after dark, place lanterns along the path and have parents escorted through the haunted woods!
    And those monster-burgers! Oh my! What fun to build your own!

  2. What a delight it was to read about your grandchildren and all of the activities you so painstakingly planned for them. Made me want to be one of your grandchildren too. Must be lots of fun to go to Grandma Honey’s house and make memories

    1. Thank you. They seem to grow up so fast. We have one that graduated high school last year and 2 in high school and 3 in middle school this year.

  3. They really are at such a wonderful age and you sure do a great job of entertaining them while teaching them along the way! Love the cookies!

  4. Wow! What a great time you guys had. I have had the same experience on a nature walk. We found a skeleton, probably a squirrel. Fortunately, the bones were completely bare because we had to take it home and show it off.

    1. The little ones are so darn funny aren’t they. This turkey was pretty gross with parts still on it. My husband could not quit laughing about it. Glad we didn’t have to take our turkey home to show off.

  5. What a lovely time you had with your cute grandkids. I love all your fun ideas. I’m going to make the monster burgers with my little Goddesses soon – such a great idea, I have pinned it. And your cookies look so cute. Love the little smile on your granddaughter’s face while she’s rearranging and adding extra cookies to her plate – too cute. 🙂 Found you on Grand Social.

    1. That you, that is so sweet. There was a lot more things I wanted to do with them but sometimes keeping their interest much longer wasn’t going to happen!! There is no way to make the monster burger wrong..haha

  6. Oh, Pamela, your granddaughter is just darling. Isn’t it fun to watch which skills they are developing this early in life? She sure has a great attention to detail and is a perfectionist. My 3-yo granddaughter is independent and a problem solver.
    Those cookies are too darn cute! Have a lovely day 🙂

    1. Thank you and it is amazing how independent and smart the little ones are now days.

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