memories of the pillsbury bake-off contest 2014

Sharing memories of the Pillsbury Bake-off Contest 2014

This time last year, my husband and I were in Nashville Tn for the 47th Pillsbury Bake-off Contest.  I had been chosen as a finalist with my entry: Strawberry-Mascarpone-Hazelnut-Choc. -Tart.   So many wonderful memories.  I am so honored to have been chosen.  To see my blog post on this trip, see HERE.

My  11 year old granddaughter called me one day and said that she was required to do a “How To” demonstration speech in  one of her classes.  She asked to do my Pillsbury entry!  She came to my house one evening and made the tart and I took pictures.  This was an easy recipe to do and I am so proud of the great job she did.

strawberries, mascarpone cheese, hazelnut choc tartI reviewed the recipe with her and she assembled the ingredients.


She crumbled the cookie dough and pressed it into the tart pan.

tart prep

Poke holes in bottom of crust with a fork.


Baked crust cooling


She was so amazed when the removable bottom came off of the tart pan.


Getting ready to assemble the tart.


Spread the hazelnut chocolate spread.


Add the mascarpone cheese, vanilla and confectioner sugar layer.

strawberr-mascarpone-hazelnut-choc-tart-strawberriesArrange the strawberries.strawberr-mascarpone-hazelnut-choc-tart-drizzle-jif

Drizzle the melted hazelnut chocolate spread.


Drizzle the melted white chocolate.


She was so proud of the finished product!!!

Her teacher and class enjoyed her delicious presentation.  I love spending time in the kitchen with my grandchildren and feel so honored that they are proud of me for my accomplishments. 

This day was extra special getting to watch her make this tart, and sharing my memories of the Pillsbury Bake-off Contest 2014.

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    1. You will have so much fun…”The Dutch Baker’s Granddaughter” can’t wait to see your posts on her.

  1. What a fantastic job she did! I love this recipe – it is one of my favorite recipes of yours. It just looks soooooooooo good!!! Great presentation – you go, girl!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Nancy…you are right, I felt so honored she wanted to do it for her class. She was so excited today when I told her the she was the star in the post.

  2. You will certainly remember this as one of your best Grandma moments! She did an amazing job and I love that she wanted to her presentation on your baking skills — that you have taught to her! Being in the kitchen with a grandchild really is the best — and tasty, too!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a recipe! I’m not surprised you did so well in the contest.
    Also, I was standing in line at Michael’s a few weeks ago and looked up your recipe in the Taste of Home issue! You are a real celebrity! And, I’m sure your adorable granddaughter is very proud of YOU too! 🙂

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