These dessert kabobs made by my three year old granddaughter in our kids cooking class will have your mouth watering!

Dessert Kabobs in Kids Cooking.

Madelynn and I made dessert kabobs in our kids cooking class today. I always try to fix foods that will be appealing to the children as well as taste good.  It seems like the younger children love to eat foods on a stick, or when they can dip it in something. I thought she would enjoy eating some fruit, and show her creativity with making kabobs.  We also worked on cutting skills by using a knife. (It was a small plastic knife but she was excited about it).

We always start by washing our hands.

Next we arranged our ingredients and she made it clear what she did not like that I set out.  We looked in the cabinets to see what would be good to add to our kabobs.

Some Little Debbie Cakes were a winning choice.

We talked about why we use a cutting board, and knife safety.  This included, never using a knife without a grown up, never run with one, never point at anyone and how to be very careful.

dessert kabobs, kids cookingdessert kabobs, kids cookingfruit, snack cakes, dessert kabobs, kids cookingShe enjoyed cutting the different foods into pieces that would fit on the small kabob sticks I gave her.

kids cooking, dessert kabobsThe strawberry gave her some problems, but I see from the picture, the knife was upside down.  Whoops!

Dessert Kabobs in Kids Cooking.Next it was time to thread them on the mini skewer.  She took her time to make sure each piece was on there perfectly.

dessert kabobs, kids cookingShe was sampling the grapes, cheese, and some cake while working, but this is a hard job and you need energy.

Dessert Kabobs in Kids Cooking.Look of approval!

dessert kabobs, kids cookingSee the pretty kabobs on the sticks.  She actually kept going into the refrigerator getting some to eat during the morning.

Keep some fruits, cheese, or veggies on hand and let your little ones create mini kabobs.  They will enjoy the healthy snacks and develop creativity in the kitchen.

There is a Link to all of the previous Kids Cooking Classes in the top menu bar on the blog.

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    1. Thank you!! That is so sweet. I know another little guy who should come to a class one day! What fun.

  1. This is an awesome ideas.. I love how the kids can play and be creative, mixing colors and fruit flavors while making their own dessert. lovely post!!! thanks for sharing with us here at #Alittlebitofeverything

  2. Just today, I used inspiration from you to add making pizza to my Grandma Drop-In Craft Session! I am going to blog about it – within the next week – and cannot wait for you to see how much fun we had with your idea!
    This one’s another great activity! So much learning, great healthy snacking, and “grandma time” all lined up on one tasty kabob!
    Thank you for enriching my time with the grandkids, too, Pamela!

    1. How cool!!! I’m so excited to see your post. I can only imagine how awesome it will be.

  3. I remember making fruit kabobs at Amara’s first sleepover! It kept the girls busy while we made pancakes! Your little cook is so darned cute!

    1. Aww thank you. It seems like kids really like making kabobs. In a few weeks I will have my 2 little grandsons from NC staying for a few days and I need to come up with some cooking plans for 2 active boys. It may be some form of kabobs too. Amara is so grown up now isn’t she.

  4. Our grands are all grown now but we used to do cooking classes, flower arrangements, rock painting and so many fun things. This little girl is precious. You are doing a great job.

    1. Thank you. I LOVE all of the activities you did with your grands. I don’t think that I have any other talents like you do!! haha That gives me some ideas though. I do know people who have some of these skills and I could arrange for them to come to my house to show them some of these things. What fun I bet you had.

  5. This is a great activity to do with my granddaughter, who is also 3. The plastic knife is a good idea. I love the focus on your granddaughters’ face as she is cutting!

    1. I was laughing so hard when I uploaded the pictures and saw her face. She did not want me to take pictures that day so I had to snap many fast!!

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