I love to do my Halloween decorating with inexpensive, fun items from the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree.halloween decorating, dollar store items, halloween

My grandchildren love to see Halloween decorations and I love to do the decorating.  I am lucky enough to have a large room in my basement that is usually empty except when I am having a party.  This room has stone walls, which is a little strange, but we did not build this house.  This room is perfect for Halloween  decorating and to have parties in.

I love to buy decorating items at The Dollar Tree.  I think everyone has one of these nearby and if you have not been there, check it out. I try to go early while they have a great selection. 

halloween, halloween decorating, dollar treehalloween, halloween decorating,dollar storehalloween, halloween decoratinghalloween, halloween decoratinghalloween, halloween decoratingThese stores are perfect for decorating for any occasion. It is truly amazing what you can do for about $30.

One of my little granddaughters came for a visit after school last week, so I decided it was a perfect day to decorate.

halloween decorating, halloween, dollar storehalloween decorating, halloween, halloween decorating, halloweenMadelynn hung some of the “cobwebs” on the walls and then went around hanging decorations.   

Welcome to our Halloween room.halloween, halloween decorating, dollar store

halloween decorating, dollar store, When you come down the stairs you are greeted by a large cat and a witch. 

halloween decorating, dollar store finds, halloweenhalloween decorating, dollar store decorations Madelynn was so proud of doing this! She kept rearranging them.

halloween, halloween decorating, dollar storeCome on in and sit a “SPELL”.  We are happy to serve you a special brew.  

halloween, halloween decoratingYou never know what that Pillsbury Dough Boy is cooking up!

halloween, halloween decoratingThere are so many cute things to hang and set out. LED candles light the room for a special effect, and are safer than real candles.

halloween, halloween decorating, dollar storeDon’t get tangled up in the giant cobweb!

halloween, halloween decorating, dollar storeOn this table I will be serving the children some Halloween treats when we get together. 

halloween, halloweed decorating, dollar storehalloween, halloween decorating, dollar storeI love all of the cute plates, napkins, silverware and serving bowls. 

halloween, halloween decorating, dollar store findshalloween, halloween decoratingThese trays are adorable and I will fill them with decorated sugar cookies for the kids to take home.  

halloween decorating, halloweenThis table will be for serving drinks.  I will make punch and put it in a plastic bowl that fits into the cauldron.  I will fill the other cauldron with juice boxes.

Each year when I do the Halloween decorating, the grandchildren  ask me to take some of the decorations home.  That is another advantage of buying your items at the Dollar Tree.  I usually have a few things left they didn’t take, so the next year I just add more.

The Dollar Store or Dollar Tree also have many cute Halloween decorating items for outside but I have to let the little grandsons handle that when they come to visit. 

Now that the party room is decorated, it is time to start on cookie baking, craft making, and other fun things that the children enjoy this time of year.   

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.



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  1. I love Dollar Tree too! It’s like a treasure hunt in there because everything is so well designed! If you mix their things in with more expensive gift shop items, no one knows the difference!
    Your little Madelynn is just adorable and she must really feel like she’s “all that” when she gets to be in charge of decorating and redecorating!

  2. What fun! I love the Dollar Tree, too. Any good Grandma would! One of the things I love about Dollar Tree is that when you don’t have the space to store all those decorations for the next year it doesn’t matter because you didn’t spend much! Love your room! LOVE the photo of you in your hat!

    1. You are so right. I throw things away sometimes if I am too tired to clean or pack things up. So inexpensive it is easier to buy new.

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