Roomba 880- Product Review

I received a Roomba for Christmas last year and wanted to share my thoughts on this. Product review of iRobot Roomba 880.

 Mine is the iRobot Roomba 880.

I had seen the Roombas previously,but did  not think that  I wanted one until the past year. 

My daughter with 2 small children and a dalmation, had new hardwood floors installed and bought this Roomba.  It runs daily through her house and keeps the floors so clean.

I remember that my mother owned an earlier version years ago and loved how it performed.  She became very ill and told me so many times what a great invention this was. 

Later, she was not physically able to vacuum and my father had very bad knees, which made it difficult for him to do it either. 

 I feel that this would be such a helpful gift to give someone  elderly or who has a physical disability.

The floors in my home are carpet, laminate and tile.  I always run the sweeper daily in some of my rooms.  My family actually makes fun of me for being so particular about the house.  I have the most expensive sweepers and scrub my floors on my hands and knees, so I was skeptical about what this little Roomba could do.

My Roomba is now a part of my daily routine.  My husband wants to order a second one, so I can have one going on each level of our house.

I was a little intimidated at first thinking that I may not be able to figure it out, but if I can understand it, anyone can.

The following is a little information on my Roomba.roomba, irobot, sweeper, remote

Mine is the 880, there are different series with different features.  The cost of mine was around $700.  Prices on different models run from $300 to around $800.  

She lives on this HOME BASE, where she can get some rest and recharge. roomba, irobot, home base


You can  carry Roomba to a room and press the start button or  use a remote that is included.  At the end of the cleaning, or when the battery is getting low, it will return to this HOME BASE  to Dock and recharge.

roomba, virtual walls

There are accessories called Lighthouses/Virtual Walls that you can set in different rooms to guide the Roomba or to keep it from going any place you do not want it to go.  

My house is divided into different levels, so it does a level and then returns to the dock.  A great feature is that it does not go off of stairs.  product-review-irobot-roomba-880


It is easy to empty the dirt bin, and I wipe off the filter each time I empty  it. product-review-irobot-roomba-880product-review-irobot-roomba-880product-review-irobot-roomba-880

I would say that it holds a lot of dirt before needing to be emptied.  There is a red light (trash can) that comes on when it does need emptied.

You can set a schedule and it will clean once a day for up to 7 seven days.  I have not tried this yet, I just set it in the level of the house I am cleaning and move it to a different one later.

I have found that it does an excellent job on all of my floor types.  My carpet is berber,  so I do not know how it does on a heavier grade of carpet.  She gets my tile and laminate floors cleaner than I do.  The small brushes along the sides of the Roomba go along the baseboards and throws the particles out onto the floor.  She then comes back and picks this up.  I have also noticed that she is able to get dirt or sand out of the grout with her brushes.  

Another great feature is the spot clean for little spills/messes.

We refer to the Roomba as a “she” since the voice on the product is female.

She is able to go under my kitchen cabinets and dishwasher.product-review-irobot-roomba-880

I guess this would depend on how yours are made.  It can go under the dining room/kitchen tables and chairs, and beds also.

 A few times, it has gotten stuck trying to go under my living room couch that is lower to the floor.  This has been rare though.irobot, roomba


Here are some pictures of the Roomba going through my house on the different kinds of flooring.

product-review-irobot-roomba-880irobot, roombairobot, roomba

Kitchen and Bathrooms:  Porcelin Tile

roomba,roomba, irobotroomba, irobot

Bedrooms:  Berber Carpetproduct-review-irobot-roomba-880

Downstairs Family Room: Berber Carpet



Dining Room, Upstairs Family Room,  and Living Room: Laminateproduct-review-irobot-roomba-880

Office: Laminateirobot, roomba

Foyer and Laundry Room:  Ceramic Tile

I told my husband that as I am getting older, it becomes harder to scrub floors on my hands and knees, so in the future I would like to purchase one of their models that is made for scrubbing floors. 

I do not have anything negative to say about this product and am so happy to own one.  I would like to add that anyone with hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring NEEDS one.  

( I did not receive any compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed are my own. )


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11 thoughts on “Roomba 880- Product Review”

  1. I would love to have one. Maybe for my birthday….. Your floors look great, but I already knew that.

    1. That sounds like the perfect birthday gift!!! Thank you. It seems like everything shows on the dark floors. Roomba is my cleaning lady!

  2. Once I get the new flooring in the kitchen and living roo, I just might get one… three dogs two cats and two kids… I will put it to the test that’s for sure.

    1. You really should get one! I was amazed how well it worked for my daughter with 2 little boys and their dog. I was also shocked how clean it got my bedrooms because it goes under the beds! I never do that except maybe once or twice a year. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Oh I want one really bad! I have to ask — do you have cats and if so do they like it? I am not a super awesome housekeeper like you but I am a fanatic about sweeping the floors! Especially because we have cats and they shed. When my daughter was younger she used to tease me all the time that I must be a witch because I so love my broom! Maybe this needs to go on my Christmas wish list!

    1. We don’t have any animals. My dogs were always St Bernards (5 of them) so they were outside dogs. Over the years they have all died and we didn’t get anymore animals. My daughter has a dog and he doesn’t seem to be afraid of it. I really don’t know about cats. I bet the canister would fill up faster with cat hair but..oh well!! It is easy to empty.

  4. My husband has wanted a roomba forever….me, not so much. Last year my son and daughter-in-law got one and use it on their hardwood floors. It does a nice job. I was still hesitant…especially with the price but after your review and experience, I may re-open discussions with him about getting one.

    1. There are different models at different prices. I would not have picked one this expensive if I had bought it. My husband and kids had gone together and bought it for Christmas. I still thought it was way too much. My daughter bought the $700 model for $500 at Bath & Body with a coupon. I guess there are sales if you luck into them. It has not done any damage to my floors but a friend told me that it damaged the legs on her furniture? So far I am fine but will keep aware to watch for that. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  5. thanks for the details–and encouragement–on the roomba. we too live on several levels and keeping those hardwood floors clear of debris is a daily challenge. I’m always looking for house-help gifts for my daughter . What a great idea this would be when her birthday (or the holidays) rolls around. It might scare her aging dog, but it would also clean up all her dander.

    1. Oh my gosh…she would love this for sure. I truly do love mine and my daughter does also. One of my friends said she had one and it made scratches on her floor and the legs of her furniture? Mine has not but this may be something to be aware of. I have only had mine since December and so far have not seen anything negative. Thanks so much for reading the review,

  6. I want this but couldn’t find one yet. Maybe I’ll try online.
    I think it’s really convenient to own one.

    Thanks for the review.

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