Sunday is the Super Bowl and as football fans everyplace know, this requires having lots of food.  I am happy to share some of the Super Bowl foods that our family will be serving.

Recipes and ideas for Super Bowl foods from appetizers to desserts.


I like to set up different stations from appetizers to desserts.  Next, decorate the tables with the team colors of the 2 teams playing.  The Super Bowl foods are also served in a variety of forms, such as dips, soups, sandwiches, finger foods, and can be a mixture of store bought and homemade.

I set up one table with a variety of chips and dips. 

Potato chips, nachos, cheese puffs and dips go with everything here.

healthy snack, popcorn bar, pta workshop

The children that come to our house love the  popcorn bar that I have done in the past.

The appetizers I like to serve are the basic vegetable-dip tray, a cheese tray,  a vegetable pizza, Rotel-Velveeta dip, and meatballs in a BBQ sauce.  We also order a variety of chicken wings.

A collection of Super Bowl foods from appetizers to desserts.

My husband always like to make this Shrimp-Cocktail tray.  

chicken, bacon, appetizers. A collection of ideas and reicpes for Super Bowl foods.

These Chicken-Bacon-Caprese Bites are a tasty appetizer.

fundraisres, pepperoni rolls


Pepperoni Rolls are always found on a table of appetizers if you are from WV. 

game day foods, appetizers, party foods

If you will only have 2 people watching the big game, here is a post that I did on game day snacks for 2.   

The next station of our Super Bowl foods is the soup station.  It is usually cold and snowy around here on Super Bowl Sunday, so a big pot of hot soup is perfect. 

Recipe for homemade chili. Spicy Beef and 3 Bean Chili. Perfect for a cold, snowy day.

You can easily serve any kind of soup, but Chili is our favorite.

Here are some other soup recipes that I have posted if you would prefer a different one.

A Sandwich station really makes it look like a party.

Sometimes I make a variety of finger sandwiches, such as chicken salad, ham, salad, and  cheese salad.  I cut them out with a football shaped cookie cutter and serve on a tray.  These are also great when served on croissant rolls.  An easy idea is to make a meat and cheese tray, set out different breads and condiments.  Your guests can make their own sandwiches.

fundraisres, pulled pork sliders

Pulled Pork Sliders are fun to serve and are great for the kids.

My husband created a recipe for homemade hot dog sauce this past year and we have enjoyed it so many times.  I think that hot dogs with this sauce will be on our menu for sure.

homemade hot dog sauce, cook-outs, hot dogs

Grandpa Bob’s Homemade Hot Dog Sauce

This Sensational Stadium Sandwich is packed with meat, cheese, and veggies. Perfect to serve at any tailgate party

I made this Sensational Stadium Sandwich a few weeks ago and will make it again for our guests.   

The dessert table will be decorated sugar cookies, brownies, and a large football decorated cake.  We also set out a tray of fresh fruits.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday, even if you are only watching for the funny commercials.  Make sure to feed you hungry crowd well.

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8 thoughts on “SUPER BOWL FOODS”

  1. What a fantastic spread of delicious looking food! Cutting the finger sandwiches with a football shaped cookie cutter is a great idea. My grandchildren would absolutely love the popcorn bar. Thank you for the idea, we’ll be implementing it this Sunday!

    1. Thank you Teresa. We have a very large family so it requires a lot of food anytime that we get together.

  2. What a great looking spread you have going on there. Like the idea of different table for food items. Thanks for linking up with Blogging Grandmothers.

  3. That stadium sandwich looks awesome! I like the pepperoni rolls and the popcorn bar too! Thank you Pamela for sharing at #BloggingGrandmothers #LinkUp #BlogParty. I shared on social media.

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoy all of the links in your party. Will be reading them all later today.

  4. What a yummy and diverse menu! Your sub is to die for and that soup bar is a big plus. You have quite a spread. Hubs and I are having a super bowl for two and I am going to read that post as well. Thank you for sharing with #blogginggrandmothers. I have shared on my social media.

  5. I love the way you gather all your treats into individual stations. Your events always look so sumptuous and welcoming! They are like private parties at a ritzy club!
    I have had the houseful of guests munching football shaped treats events in the past, but this year was different. My husband went to a daughter’s to watch and I stayed home to quilt while I looked up only for commercials (disappointed in those this year!). I have a sore throat and cough and they have a newborn baby. The two don’t mix. Quite frankly, I enjoyed my “Super Bowl for ONE!”

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