These Peanut Butter Toffee Cheesecake Brownies are a perfect treat to add to your  dessert table.

A rich dessert with a brownie based, topped with peanut butter, cream cheese, toffee bits and chocolate.


This was a recipe that I created a few years ago and earned me a spot as a finalist in the 44th Pillsbury Bake-off Contest.  This was such an honor and the experience is so memorable.  The brownies are pretty darn good too!!

I made these a few weeks ago to take to a party and several people asked me to make them again for some upcoming events.  I think they look like they should be a dessert you serve in the fall.  

The year I made them for the Pillsbury Bake-off, I also made several batches of them, cut into smaller pieces, and handed them out at my local Kroger store.  I made them for my co-workers, and the staff where I bank, grocery shop, my hairstylist, my grandkid’s teachers, and my doctor’s office.  I even took them to our local radio station and television station where I did interviews.   These brownies were famous for a few months around here.

I hope that your family and guests like them if you give them a try.

dessert, brownies, toffee bits, choc chips, cream cheese, peanut butter, sweetened condensed milkThey start with a brownie mix. Stir in the water, eggs and oil. Spread into prepared pan.  It works well lining the pan with parchment paper, which I did not do on this day.  I just sprayed it with PAM.

brownies, dessert, toffee chips, choc chips, peanut butter, cream cheese, sweetened condensed milkCombine the cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk and peanut butter.  This layer tastes like peanut butter fudge.  Yum!

brownies, dessert, peanut butter, choc chips, toffee bits, cream cheese, sweetened condensed milkStir in 1 cup of toffee bits. ( I save the larger pieces in the bag to add to the top of brownies and use the small pieces here)

dessert, brownies, toffe chips, choc chips, cream cheese, sweetend condensed milkSpread the peanut butter mixture over the brownie mix.  For best results, I drop it by small spoonfuls over the brownie mix to cover, and then lightly spread with end of an offset spatula.  If it does swirl into the  brownie mix, it will taste fine.     

brownies, dessert, cream cheese, peanut butter, toffee bits, choc chipsBake. The cream cheese layer always cracks like this, but it will be covered with a ganache.

dessert, brownies, peanut butter, cream cheese, toffee bits, choc chipsMelt chocolate chips and spread over cooled brownies.  Top with  additional toffee bits.

A rich dessert with a brownie based, topped with peanut butter, cream cheese, toffee bits and chocolate.

Cut into pieces. Place on serving dish.  I trim the edges off so that the brownies can be cut more evenly.  The filling is very moist.

HERE is the link to the recipe on the Pillsbury web site. 


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  1. Oh my, going to have to try these! My mouth is watering! Congrats on being a finalist in the contest! Thank you for partying with me at my very first Wednesday AIM Link Party. I shared your post on my social media sites.

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