A great collection of Game Day Snacks for 2, including mini appetizers, finger foods, and dips.We are football fans at my house!  Last weekend was filled with playoff games and lots of excitement.  That can only mean one thing..there must be game day snacks.

It is easy to fix a table full of appetizers when you are having a large crowd over, but a little more challenging when you are fixing game day snacks for 2.   For my downsized cooking post this week, I want to share some ideas for the snacks we had.

Since there were 4 games to be watched this weekend,  I got busy on Saturday morning and made enough to have all weekend.  You need a good variety of finger day foods, appetizers, party foods

I also used my mini cast iron skillets and my small ramekins to make some of the dishes.  I enjoy having a variety of snacks throughout the weekend but do not want to end up with a lot to throw out when the games are over.

I did the downsized version of a cheese tray, vegetable tray, and small crockpot of meatballs in bbq sauce.

game day snacks, finger foods, football foodsgame day snacks, party foods, crock pot snacks

Mini crustless quiche bites are my husband’s quiche, game day snacks

roast beef panini, game day snacks

Turkey-Swiss-Spinach roll-ups fit the sandwich days snacks, finger foods, appetizers, roll-ups

Baked Chicken Enchilada Dip meets the hot dip day snacks, chicken enchilada dip, football foods

]I used 1 refrigerated crescent dough sheet to create 2 more snacks.

Vegetable day snacks, football foods, vegetable pizza

I made this recipe using 1/2 of a crescent dough sheet, 4 oz cream cheese and 3 Tablespoons of Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning from package, 2 Tablespoons sour cream, about 2 cups chopped veggies and 1/2 cup shredded cheese.

Asparagus-Ham and Brie Crescent day snacks, football foods, finger foods, asparagus-brie-ham snacks


Creating a game day party for 2 makes watching the football games so much more exciting.  I will share more ideas as we get closer to the Super Bowl.

Enjoy the games and enjoy the snacks!  game-day-snacks-for-2
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12 thoughts on “GAME DAY SNACKS FOR 2”

    1. Thank you Pat…it was a Steelers set up but now I guess I need to pack that stuff away…sad..

    1. Thanks Mandee..I just made a fourth of the veg pizza recipe that is everyplace. It was plenty enough for Bob and I to eat a few times. I love retro recipes.

  1. For me, it’s the planning that’s the hardest! – what goes together and what makes a nice variety – you did all the hard work for us!
    We usually have a family party on Super Bowl Sunday, but for the regular games in between, this looks like an easily portable spread to drop off at a house for adult kids to enjoy with the grands – while you and grandpa eat the second half at home – in peace!

  2. What a feast! I am not a sports fan but that won’t stop me from trying some of these recipes! The kids gave me a panini press for Christmas so I’m checking that one out first!

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