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Raspberry White Chocolate Bars are a decadent, easy to make summertime dessert.


These Raspberry White Chocolate Cake Bars are the perfect treat to serve at any upcoming parties.

I picked up a variety of fresh berries at a farm stand a
few days ago and have been doing some experimenting
with them.  I first tried this recipe with blueberries, but it
tasted like eating a spoonful of jelly.  They turned out delicious with raspberries.  The flavors of raspberry, white chocolate, and sweetened condensed milk makes these Raspberry White Chocolate  Cake Bars an elegant, easy to make dessert.

The dry cake mix gives these bars a nice texture.  These
bars also transport well when taking to a covered dish

Stir together white cake mix, white chocolate instant pudding mix, an egg, and a stick of softened butter.


Stir until all ingredients are combined.  May also use your
fingers to help crumble it together.


Save 3/4 cup of mixture back, and press remaining amount into the bottom of a parchment paper lined pan.
I used an 11 x 7 1/2 inch brownie pan.


Arrange fresh raspberries and white chocolate chips over
the dough.

Crumble reserved dough over the top.

Raspberry White Chocolate Cake Bars are an easy to make, decadent dessert.Raspberry White Chocolate Cake Bars are an easy to make, decadent dessert.Drizzle sweetened condensed milk over the ingredients.

Bake.  Allow to cool about 1 hour, and then remove from the pan by lifting the ends of parchment paper.


Raspberry White Chocolate Cake Bars are an easy to make, decadent dessert.
After the bars have completely cooled, cut into desired
size bars.


Raspberry White Chocolate Cake Bars are an easy to make, decadent dessert for summerI cut mine small because this dessert is very
rich.  I got 24 bars.

I hope that you enjoy these bars, and add them to your summertime menu.

This recipe was shared on Weekend Potluck @ https://sweetlittlebluebird.com/

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  1. Those look yummy! I’m glad the price of berries has finally come down and the quality has gone up! We hit the Farmers Market on Saturday and got strawberries that actually taste like strawberries!

    1. So sorry for not responding sooner, I was away for the day. I have not made them in a 9 x 13 but I do not see why they couldn’t be. They would just be a little thinner, which is fine. I was trying to check some other recipes on the internet that were similar, made in a 9 x 13 pan and it seems the time is around 20-25 minutes. I would say that when they seem to be set when wiggling the pan a little. I would start with about 22-25 minutes and check them. if you give them a try, let me know how the time worked. Sorry…wish I had more definite answer for you.

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