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Strawberry Crepes with Pastry Cream and Fresh StrawberriesStrawberry Crepes with Pastry Cream and Fresh Strawberries

These Strawberry Crepes are filled with a homemade pastry cream, fresh strawberries, topped with a delicious strawberry sauce, more strawberries and whipped cream.

This month has been strawberry season in our area, and I have been getting them every few days from our local farm stand.  I have made so many desserts, smoothies, and loaded my freezer with them.

A few days ago, I was craving crepes and decided to try to make them myself. They were so delicious. My husband does not eat anything sweet, but after he tried one, he was hooked. He actually ate 3 that day.


*  Prepare the pastry cream first. Refrigerate for about 2 hours prior      to using.  The cream mixture will be very thick.  Stir well before              using.
* Make the strawberry sauce. I use a combination of frozen  and                fresh strawberries.  It can be served warm or cold.
* Mix up the crepe batter and cook the crepes. They can be placed         on a parchment lined baking sheet while you are cooking them all.       The crepes can be warmed up one at a time in the microwave, then      assembled, or kept warm on the lowest temperature in the oven          before serving.
* To assemble, Place a crepe on a microwave safe plate. (Best side           down) Warm in microwave for 15 seconds. Spoon about 2                         tablespoons of the pastry cream down the center. Make sure it             goes from  end to end. Slice 1 strawberry in thin slices and lay on           the filling. Fold each half over the filling. Roll crepe and put seam           on the bottom. Top with desired amount of strawberry sauce. Add       fresh strawberries and top with whipped topping.

Strawberry Crepes are perfect to serve for brunch or as a dessert.

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This recipe was shared on Weekend Potluck @Sweet Little Bluebird

Strawberry Crepes with Pastry Cream and Fresh Strawberries

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