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Cranberry-Orange-Cinnamon-Monkey Bread is a delicious and easy variation on the monkey bread we all know and love.

cinnamon, orange, cranberries, pecans, monkey bread, breakfastMy grandchildren love to make monkey bread when they visit and over the years, we have tried a lot of variations to the original one made from refrigerated biscuits.  We have added blueberries, cranberries, raisins, and drizzled with different flavored glazes.   Continue reading CRANBERRY-ORANGE-CINNAMON MONKEY BREAD


These St Patrick’s Day breakfast ideas are like diving into a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The children and grandchildren will be celebrating this fun holiday with a lot of sweet treats today, so I have some ideas to start their St Patrick’s Day breakfast on a healthier note.

I love to serve foods in individual  dishes.  They look more appealing and it is a good way to practice portion control.   I  use my ramekins or mini cast iron skillets for individual servings.breakfast, eggs, cheese

These Loaded  Crustless Mini Breakfast Souffles look like  a pot of gold.  I have posted this recipe previously.  HERE  Continue reading BREAKFAST IDEAS FOR ST PATRICK’S DAY


Sharing my holiday breakfast-brunch recipe collection today, sweet and savory, just in time for all of the upcoming holidays. Breakfast-Brunch recipe collection perfect to serve to your family or guests in this busy holiday season. breakfast, brunch, holiday breakfast, french toast  

November and December are always busy and many times it involves hosting overnight guests.   Sometimes you just want to fix a special breakfast for your family.  Hosting a holiday breakfast-brunch is also tradition for many people.  Continue reading HOLIDAY BREAKFAST-BRUNCH RECIPE COLLECTION


These beautiful, homemade cinnamon rolls are so delicious, and were made by some of my granddaughters at this week’s Kids Cooking Class.

homemade cinnamon rolls, breakfast, kids cooking classThe past few classes we have been working on breakfast recipes.  We have done simple things like cooking bacon and eggs to making souffles, wraps, quiche, omelets, a crostada, and French toast.  I wanted to teach them the art of making homemade cinnamon rolls, even if only this one time in their life.  I know that most people don’t take time to do this anymore but I want them to remember doing this with me.   Continue reading HOMEMADE CINNAMON ROLLS & KIDS COOKING CLASS