I did some research with my grandchildren and came up with this list of cook out foods that kids love to eat.  Sharing these ideas for
all of the upcoming summer cookouts.

A collection of fun foods kids like to eat at a cook-out. Straight from the grandkids!



A great collection of food ideas for all cook-outs.A  couple of my granddaughters were able to come over one day for a cooking class.  Since it was the week prior to the 4th of July I thought our project that day should be cook out foods.

I sent several of my grandchildren a text to see what they actually like to eat at a cook-out.  We made some of the foods and decorated  a cook-out table.

We used the 4th of July theme but you can use these food ideas all summer and decorate accordingly.

Some of their favorite cook out foods are not the traditional baked beans, potato salad, and deviled eggs.  They do like these foods, but here are some different ideas.

A TACO IN A BAG is always a big hit.  Even the adults like this treat.  My grandchildren like to have this when they have parties with their friends also.  To create this, follow the instructions on the package of taco seasoning mix.

Cook-out foods that kids love to eat.Brown the meat, add seasoning and water, set up little bowls with the meat, cheese, salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, and the star of the bar…little bags of Doritos.

Crumble the Doritos a little, and fill the bag with your choice of meat and toppings.


homemade hot dog sauce, cook-outs, hot dogsHOT DOGS were a favorite response.  Serve with sauce, ketchup, mustard, onions, cole slaw or plain.
Homemade Hot Dog Sauce


cook out foods, slidersSLIDERS are great for kids because they are a smaller version of a hamburger/cheeseburger and easier to eat. The sliders can also be made from pulled pork or pulled bbq chicken.


PULLED PORK BBQ is a favorite for many of my grandchildren.


cook out foods, kid friendly foods, picnics, kabobsKABOBS.. My little grandsons in NC and CO tell me they like things on skewers…steak, chicken and fruit.   Yum!!


My grandsons in Denver were making kabobs also when I
checked in with them.


kids cooking, cook out foods, picnics, kid friendly foodsAnother food on the list of favorite cook-out foods was corn-on-the-cob.

A POPCORN BAR is a fun addition for snack foods they can grab and keep on the go.  They are so busy playing or swimming.

healthy snack, popcorn bar, pta workshopJust fill a large container with popcorn and add a variety of munchie treats in little bowls around it.
HERE is how we made these.


cook-outs, fresh fruit, kid friendly foodsFresh fruit and dip trays are light and refreshing.  I filled the center of a pineapple with a pudding base dip for this one.

Some other responses for munchie treats were chips and dip and cheese puffs.

DRINKS were Capri Sun, bottled water, lemonade, sweet tea, and a Root Beer Float.

Cookout foods that kids love to eat. The float can be made with any flavor of soda pop.  Just place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass and pour the soda over it.  Must have a colorful straw or fun spoon.

DESSERT choices were decorated sugar cookies, cupcakes, cobbler, rice krispie treats and ice cream.

cook-out foods, kid friendly foods

cook-out, kids cooking


The children always want to help decorate the food.







So fun, and even big kids (adults) enjoy these.  HERE is how I created these cute cupcakes.



Rustic Blueberry Cobbler Roll


Punch bowl cake arranged in individual plastic cups. A variety of ingredients make them colorful and delicious.

Punch Bowl Cake Cups

I think the children love foods that are light, colorful, tasty, and can be held in your hand, on a stick, or ones that get dipped.  They prefer not to sit down to eat for a long period of time, so these varieties of cook out foods are children’s favorites.  kids cooking, cook-out foods


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  1. Even without an actual survey of my grandkids, I can tell you that they love individual servings of things – like sliders and anything laced onto a skewer! Your display looks amazing! No wonder the girls’ smiles are so dazzling!
    Your list is a great resource for the rest of us to safely choose from! Thanks!
    And Happy 4th of July, to you, Pamela!

    1. Thank you. A beach vacation with the grandchildren SOUNDS LIKE SUCH A FUN TIME!!!

  2. My kids would love all of these! Pinning this one so I came make me tacos in a bag this weekend. My daughter had them at girl scouts and will be so excited that I found directions. Thank you for a great post!

    1. Oh you are so welcome. I didn’t post step by step so if you need more details please ask me.

  3. What a wonderful day all of you had cooking together — and the best part was you got to eat it, too! OK maybe being with the grandkids is the best part but those pretend hamburgers look pretty darned good!

  4. The first time I seen the walking taco was at my kids school, it’s def a great and easy idea.

    1. The kids of all ages do love these. We have been doing them here in WV for many years. They are always served at fundraisers and sporting events. A great thing to do at a concession stand. Thank you for visiting.

  5. This post makes me so hungry! I will have to try to remember to use the pineapple to put the fruit dip in; such a great idea.

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