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Mascarpone Filled Cranberry Walnut Rolls are a prize winning recipe for brunch. Refrigerated biscuits filled with mascarpone cheese, rolled in butter, cinnamon and sugar. Cranberries and walnuts added, baked and then drizzled with a mascarpone glaze.
This photo is from the Pillsbury website.

In 2008 I was chosen as a finalist for the 43rd Pillsbury Bake-off Contest.  I cannot even express how exciting this was and what an unforgettable experience. My recipe was Mascarpone Filled Cranberry Walnut Rolls.

I was chosen as the winner of my category (Breakfast/Brunch)  and one of the 5 finalists to win the $1,000,000 dollars!  I did not win that, but did receive $5000 and a new stove.

These Mascarpone Filled Cranberry Walnut Rolls would be perfect to make and serve at a Mother’s Day brunch, a holiday breakfast, when you have guests, or just any day.

I have made these so many times for my family, guests, and functions in my community. They are so simple to make, and my granddaughter, that is 8 years old, makes them with me also.

These breakfast sweet rolls are always requested  at the annual family New Years Day brunch.

I will include the recipe for them as well as a video that was created by Pillsbury.

HERE is a recipe that only makes 5 rolls, and is perfect for 1 or 2 people.

Video link HERE to see how to make these.
Pillsbury created this video.

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