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Spicy Beef and 3 bean chili is the ultimate pot of chili. Beef, beans, spices, veggies and tomato juice slow simmered to perfection.The ultimate pot of chili with ground beef, spicy seasonings,peppers, onions, tomatoes with jalapenos, 3 kinds of beans, and tomato juice. Slow simmered for hours to allow the flavors to blend perfectly.

Spicy Beef and 3 Bean Chili is delicious served as lunch, dinner, or at a football party.  Serve it on a snowy day, or a day when the leaves are turning colors and falling. Leftover chili can be frozen or eaten on a hot dog, in Tacos in a Bag, or over pasta. Continue reading SPICY BEEF AND 3 BEAN CHILI

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This delicious, hearty, beef and vegetable soup will help keep you warm on these cold, winter days we have been having.

Hearty Beef and Vegetable Soup is an old fashioned, homemade soup packed with tender beef and vegetables.

Hearty Beef and Vegetable Soup   

When I was growing up, my father always made huge pots of vegetable soup that we ate on for days.  This kind of soup just tastes better each day after you make it.  Continue reading HEARTY BEEF AND VEGETABLE SOUP

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