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A trendy breakfast board with ingredients chosen to accent the Clifty Farm Country Ham Biscuit SlicesClifty Farm Country Ham Breakfast Board

A trendy breakfast board with ingredients chosen to accent the Clifty Farm Country Ham Biscuit Slices. Surrounded by biscuits, english muffins, bread, fried apples, cranberry sauce, pimento cheese, apple butter, fried eggs, cheese, jalapenos, hot sauce, potatoes, and country ham mini crustless quiche bites, the combinations are endless. Perfect to serve to your family or guests. Continue reading CLIFTY FARM COUNTRY HAM BREAKFAST BOARD


Sharing my holiday breakfast-brunch recipe collection today, sweet and savory, just in time for all of the upcoming holidays. Breakfast-Brunch recipe collection perfect to serve to your family or guests in this busy holiday season. breakfast, brunch, holiday breakfast, french toast  

November and December are always busy and many times it involves hosting overnight guests.   Sometimes you just want to fix a special breakfast for your family.  Hosting a holiday breakfast-brunch is also tradition for many people.  Continue reading HOLIDAY BREAKFAST-BRUNCH RECIPE COLLECTION


This Pumpkin Mascarpone Breakfast Braid would be perfect to serve on a cool, fall morning to start your day. A beautiful breakfast braid filled with pumpkin, nuts, and mascarpone cheese. Baked in a refigerated crescent dough.

It is becoming cooler here in WV, so fall baking is in full swing.   I had a can of pumpkin left from last year, and an open tub of mascarpone cheese, so I created this Pumpkin Mascarpone Breakfast Braid. Continue reading PUMPKIN MASCARPONE BREAKFAST BRAID


This loaded breakfast panini is perfect to start your day with, or to serve to guests for a special treat.

Leftover ham was the inspiration for my loaded breakfast panini.  My husband loves fried egg sandwiches, but doesn’t let himself eat them too often.  In the summer months he loves them with a slice of fresh tomato.  One morning while fixing breakfast, I saw the leftover ham in the refrigerator and put this sandwich together for him.

loaded breakfast panini, ham, breakfast sandwich On this day, I used sour dough bread, with  mayonnaise for my condiment.  Another day I made this on ciabatta bread and used basil pesto for the condiment. Any time I have a fresh tomato, I do add a slice or 2 to the sandwich.

Here is the healthy recipe and I hope you enjoy this breakfast panini.



What child does not love an Easter egg hunt!  To a child, it rates right up there with Christmas morning and Trick or Treat.

Easter egg hunts and special memories.


Growing up, our family always had the most extravagant  egg hunts.  My mother worked on planning the family Easter egg hunt all year long.  She would fill the extra bedroom with wrapped prizes that made it look like Christmas morning.  She always included those large pre-filled Easter baskets that were filled with large toys.  She would usually have at least 30-40  prizes. Continue reading EASTER EGG HUNT AT GRANDMA MAGGIE’S HOUSE