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These “retro” snacks are fun to make and bring a smile to everyone’s face. 
We call them cook-out cupcakes.

Cook-out Cupcakes are a fun and tasty summertime dessert. Cupcakes are decorated to look like a cheeseburger. Loved by adults as well as children.

I have been making some “retro” snacks for my grandchildren this summer and thought of this one.  I have not made it for at least 6 or 7 years.  They use to love for me to make these cute little cook-out cupcakes when they were younger.  Continue reading “RETRO” SNACKS…COOK-OUT CUPCAKES


My parfait bar is a fun way to celebrate  when entertaining your children or grandchildren.  Everyone gets a chance to show their creativity as well as making their own treat. 

parfait bar, strawberry, mascarpone cheese A parfait bar would also be great to serve at a party.  It is quick and easy to set up and can be done with ingredients you have in your kitchen.  Continue reading PARFAIT BAR..FUN ACTIVITY WITH THE CHILDREN